The Detention Room – 1

Or so it is called nowadays. In my school it was the punishment room, the sign on the door spelled it out on an unpolished copper plate, with cream writing. Only a small sign, but it struck fear into your heart. Like most such rooms, it was next to the Headmasters Office. You never went in that door, you only came out of it. You went in via the secretaries office.

I asked a friend of mine, Peter Birch, whom you will no doubt know, he is rather famous in the spanking world. As much as I am an enthusiastic hobbyist, he is just as much an enthusiastic professional. As you can tell by his outfit he wore for this shoot. Charlotte you already know of course.

Good Lord! Another man in my domain! Spanking one of my girls! I can almost hear you gasp! It will not happen often, my studio is my trade mark, I only use it for myself…but he was a welcome, and honoured guest.

So….something that happened many times, a girl ends up in detention, quite likely to do some laborious written work, but just as likely to have her bottom punished. The name Eliott on the board, is the character chosen for Charlotte. Let’s look through the keyhole!

More to come…


I felt proud this day, to work with such a well known man in my studio was a bit nervy. Charlotte felt the same. But he was full of praise and complemented my photography.

Hmmmm…now who next? Some ladies I think…can’t be doing with seeing my girls over other men’s laps!