Mr.Jones’s Study – Part One

Here is my office, a little cluttered I know, but if a job needs doing, then it is worth doing well. So I have plenty of equipment. Behind you, (as you look) is a French window overlooking the ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’, manicured lawns. Mr Wallis the caretaker and gardener does an excellent job.

As you are aware, I am the Headmaster. I punish girls every day, sometimes ten or more. But I am going to concentrate on two of my favourites. Samantha and Charlotte, two best friends. Both are excellent pupils, winning awards and sporting events, and such like.

But they are also, two of my most frequent visitors. Their bottoms….always bare bottoms, have had lots of attention from my rattan, leather, plimsols and wooden rulers, over the years.

Here they are…


What I have never really shared with you, so far, is this. I get aroused when I punish the girls. My thoughts as I whack away at their plump young cheeks are very often sexual. But of course, I never act on it, I am a gentleman.

The images in my mind when punishing their naughty, pert, bare bottoms, are quite something, and I want to share them with you, so now and then in this particular account, there will be my thoughts!

More soon…