The Spanking Adventures of ‘Up Skirt Evans’ – Part Thirteen

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Here we are back again in No. 6 Arcadia Avenue, this time however on a Monday morning. As it is half-term at St. Angela’s, Samantha has graciously asked Charlotte to stay for a few days so that they can enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed way. What a treat!

It is perhaps no surprise that we find Samantha and Charlotte strolling around the house in their ‘ultra-skimpies’….in just their suspenders and stockings, displaying their beautiful breasts and lovely rounded bottoms. They just adored the feeling of being virtually naked. It felt so natural, so decadent, so arousing!

“What time is it Charlotte?” Samantha inquired, peering through the window.

Charlotte glanced at the large clock on the wall. “Oh, it’s 10.55, Samantha. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no particular reason,” Samantha replied, in a rather evasive tone as she continued to stare out of the window.

“What is she looking for?” Charlotte thought, as she too glanced out of the window wondering what might be so interesting.

Suddenly Samantha announced, “These windows need cleaning and look at all the dust on the bars. They never stay clean for five minutes. I’ll fetch some cleaning cloths.”

Charlotte looked at the windows with a nonplussed expression, “They look perfectly clean to me, Samantha,” she commented.

“They still need a clean!” replied Samantha, as she returned holding two cloths.

She threw one at Charlotte, saying,”Come on, let’s get on with the job. It’s nearly 11.00!”

“What’s the hurry? We’ve got all day, and we haven’t even had any coffee yet,” said Charlotte, feeling even more puzzled.

“Come on, Charlotte. You’ll see. Do as I say now or someone is going to have their bottom spanked and it won’t be me!” Samantha replied, with a mischievous grin on her face.

The two girls carefully stepped up onto the low back Chesterfield settee by the window and started cleaning.

The clock in the hallway started chiming 11.00. Samantha stopped rubbing the glass and peered out into the garden again.

“What are you looking at, Samantha?” Charlotte asked, wondering why she kept doing it.

“Ah! Bang on time. It’s our young post girl. I think she’s called Penelope. I just saw her over the hedge, cycling up the road. Yes, it’s definitely her. She’s propping her bicycle up against the gatepost. She must have some post for me.”

“Shouldn’t we come away from the window, Samantha?” asked Charlotte, suddenly feeling somewhat self-conscious about her state of undress.

“Don’t be so silly, Charlotte. We don’t want to spoil young Penny’s enjoyment!”

“What do you mean, Samantha, …‘Spoil her enjoyment’?!”

Samantha chuckled, “Oh, you’ll see! Come on, the patio doors need a good clean!”

“We can’t do that, she’ll see us! The patio doors are visible from the front entrance” Charlotte exclaimed.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that! She is used to seeing me like this and I strongly suspect that she gets rather excited by the sight. I’d love to make her day when she sees the pair of us standing nearly naked by the door! Her eyes will pop out of her head! It must be rather dull delivering post to all my elderly neighbours. It’s good to give her a thrill when I can!”

“You’re such a naughty tease, Samantha! I’ve got a good mind to march you up to your bedroom, put you across my knee and spank your bottom very hard with that nasty wooden hairbrush you have on your dressing table!”
“Promises, promises!” said Samantha laughing. “But there’s no time for that now. Penelope is coming down the garden path. Quick! Get to the patio doors and start cleaning.”

The two girls started cleaning the doors just as Penelope rounded the end of the house and walked slowly towards the front door. Charlotte could see that Penelope was a rather attractive young lady, but the way she was dressed rather detracted from this. She wore a standard pale blue Post Office shirt, with it’s little red Royal Mail logo, a rather full knee length navy blue skirt and a pair of stout brown shoes….practical but hardly very flattering.

Penelope pushed the letters she was carrying through the letterbox and started to turn round to head back to the gate. However, as she slowly turned her eyes suddenly alighted on the semi-naked duo cleaning. Samantha gave her a little smile and waved. Penelope looked embarrassed and blushed, before giving a little wave back before heading back down the garden path.

“Is that it?” asked Charlotte. “She looked very embarrassed when she saw us!”

“Patience, my dear, patience! Come back to the settee and start cleaning the window.”

They clamboured back onto the settee and started cleaning.

Look carefully. You may observe her bicycle is still propped against the gatepost, but there is no sign of our little miss Penelope.”

“Where’s she gone?” asked Charlotte.

“Keep pretending to clean the windows, but look carefully over there to the left in that big bush. If my eyes don’t deceive me, isn’t there a young lady in there?”

Charlotte looked, “Oh yes, Samantha, you’re right! ….Gosh! I think I can see a pair of white knickers dangling around her ankles and she’s got her hand up her skirt…..Oh, blimey! Well I never! She seems to be rubbing herself rather vigorously. She’s masturbating!”

Samantha laughed, “Yes, methinks our naughty little miss Penelope is enjoying herself. I’ve seen her do it on a number of occasions before. She seems to find seeing me half-naked rather stimulating and often disappears into that bush where she can watch me as she does it! She doesn’t know that I can see her.”

“You mean your post girl is a rather naughty, perverted ‘Peeping Penelope’?” Charlotte said, giggling loudly.

“Oh yes! Penelope certainly enjoys her visits to my house! I wonder if she would enjoy watching us spanking each other’s bottoms?” Samantha returned. “Or maybe, she ought to be the one who gets the spanking?!”

Having got over the initial shock of being seen naked by Penelope, Charlotte replied, in an excited voice, “That might be rather fun to try! She might find such a sight even more ‘stimulating’ than just the two of us cleaning windows!” She paused and then continued, with a wicked grin appearing on her face, “Or, like you said, perhaps she ought to be the one who gets the spanking? Now that would be even more fun! We could spank her for being so perverted, ogling us in the buff and masturbating as she does so?!”

“What an excellent idea Charlotte,” said Charlotte enthusiastically. “I caught a glimpse of her naked bottom when she bent down to retrieve her knickers the last time she was in the bush. It looked a rather spankable bottom, well toned from all that cycling she does. We could spank her simultaneously across our knees. You could take one cheek and I could take the other! We wouldn’t stop both cheeks were a matching ‘postbox red!’”

“Ha! Ha!” laughed Charlotte. “I wonder how moist the ‘slit in her box’ might become?!”

“Oh, ha! ha! Who’s now coming out with silly jokes?” Samantha retorted, before looking back into the garden. “Oh dear, she’s finished masturbating herself! …What a shame, she’s leaving. Well, it was an interesting thought. Perhaps next time she comes, we could rush out, grab her and give her an alfresco spanking? Anyway, we could always spank each other instead. I’m really feeling in the mood for a bit of hanky-panky now.”

“Oh yes! Who wants to go first?” agreed Charlotte, enthusiastically.

“Bagsy me!” Samantha quickly replied before Charlotte could say any more. All this talk of spanking had already got her pussy tingling. “Let’s go upstairs and do what you just suggested with my hairbrush , but not too hard, otherwise you’ll regret it when it’s your turn!”

And so, our delightful pair climbed stairs, their naked buttocks rolling beautifully. It was a shame that Penelope was no longer around to enjoy such a lovely sight! She would also have heard a whole symphony of sounds floating down the stairs from Samantha’s bedroom – a combination of loud smacks, yelps of pain and moans of pleasure, interspersed with girly giggling. Our two girls certainly knew exactly what turned each other on and how to enjoy themselves!

Asa’s Note…

Yes, one day you will see naughty Penelope get her just dessert!

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  1. wonderful story I hope it works out with penelope taken over both girls knees and getting her knickers taken down for a good bare bottom spanking.

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