An update…

I am plodding on with all my photo sets and stories, I know that waiting for the next instalment to your favourite can be a little frustrating. I apologise, but simply put, I just can’t help it.

Roy has sent me another great set, you will be seeing this soon…..

All the photos for the next parts of his stable story, are here and it is just me doing lots that delays things. All are ready for the two maids, all are ready for the finish of week one of Mrs Pollard, and the next week is all shot. Up skirt Evans, will have its next two parts up shortly….all are ready. Kate has her parts all ready for posting, so too are more visits to the Inveigle. The story of Miss Kenworthy is all edited and ready, so that is the next volume of ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’ ready.

As regards sets…I have photos up to my ears waiting to come floating down to you all.

I still have clients needing their bottoms attending to.

I regularly get over 4000 visitors a day now, and much more mail as a result.

O&P is fab, and as you know I recommend it highly if it suits you….REALISM is the key word for your decision. It is not cruel, nor brutal….it is more real than what I do….that’s all.

‘B’, my sexy little spanking contact from there, and I are embarking on a story together.

Samantha and Charlotte are viewing a prospective new studio today.

All the other new venues are ‘on’.

So….it is time!

My country walks and daring investigations of holes and ruins continue.

My train set tempts me every day.

Elly Griffith’s novels still entice me, as do my paints…I am now painting amusing events from my life…there are many! In a journal. Big oil paintings are a thing of the past now.

My online shops are still growing….thanks for all the purchases! Much appreciated.

Grandkids want to play, so do I, love it!

So…be patient with me.


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