There will be a few categories on here, basically carrying on with the vintage stuff I used to do on tumblr, before its demise. So call back often to see what is happening…


SECTION 1. Flickering Images

These are photos from the past, with my little stories attached. (This will include vintage bondage etc)

SECTION 2. Vintage drawings from my favourite artists like Louis Malteste, Wighead, Herric etc. Again, with my little stories attached. (This will include book covers, post cards, curios and ephemera)

SECTION 3. Vintage Sub Sections …Domestic, School etc

SECTION 4. My girls in vintage clothing.


SECTION 5. BORS…this is at the bottom of the this page.


SECTION 6. Public Spankings.

And enjoy!

FLICKERING IMAGE – a spanking time machine…


There are lots of other vintage photos I have, in here you will find sections like DOMESTIC, SCHOOL, QUIRKY, and so on.


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Vintage Stock Pile



Have you ever seen the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ ?

Isn’t it wonderful?

…Ladieeeees and Gentlemen! Come Inside sit yourselves down, be prepared to be entertained…no! Not just entertained…enthralled, seduced, inveigled, captivated …by the wonderous, sexy, awe inspiring group of four. The top of the cream, the best of all…

Biederer, Ostra, Richards and Slip….BORS

SECTION 5 – 114 photos in this section.

…The glamorous untouchables of the silver screen in the 1930’s, what a time it inspires in the mind. Glossy film stars, leading perfect lives and adored by millions! Quite funny really…we know now, that just like today’s Stars leading  their open lives of sex, drugs and rock and roll, that they were no different. Half the icons of the roaring 20’s and seductive 30’s right up to the terrible 40’s were just the same, …God Bless every gay, drugged up, sex fuelled gangster! And the well behaved ones too!!

Like the dark web of today, there was another world. The seedy night clubs that never closed, the can can dancing, feather dancing night clubs, the brothels and the studios taking the photos and making films that everyone, wanted, those freed from the inhibitions forced on them after the great war.

The studios of those brave people who thought…’fuck it! We love this scene, we are not vanilla!’

Like the bearded lady of the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ they were brave enough to stand up and be counted for what they were, and sing loud and proud….THIS IS ME!

I feel like that every day! Leading the life of a good family man, doing the jobs of everyday life. When I come on here to write to you all, it is like bursting in singing that song…THIS IS MY SITE, MY BLOG, MY WORK… 


A self confessed spanking and female bottom addict with a liberal dose of female masturbation thrown in.

I know exactly who I am. I am not ashamed of it, truth be known…I am rather proud of who and what I am….and what I create.

I love it all!…I have gone through the fires of confession to those I love. I have felt the heartache it all brings. But I know who I am, and what I am. I (to a modest and much less able degree) like these people. My heroes of the spanking world! 


Lets go and meet them…


Jaques and Charles Biederer were the foundation stone. The Ostra Studio was an off shoot of theirs. I am going to concentrate on their happy sexy times, in the1930’s

…(it sadens me to tell you that as Jews they met their demise in the holocaust, which is a personal fear of mine that fills me with disgust. I have no wish to talk any more of this.)

Yva Richards was a creation of two people too, Mr.L.Richards and his wife, Nativa, who appears in many photographs taken by They were Purveyors of fetish wear, mainly by mail order.

Diana Slip was a rival, but I  do know that their paths crossed often and have never seen accounts of any animosity. 

Here is, as a general rule, but not precise guide, you can recognize them. (If like me you like to collect erotica, at the time of writing Jan 2019 an original mint photo costs around £30, a little more if signed.) An Ostra photo has a triangle with a question mark in, a Biederer photo has a ‘B’ scratched in the corner. Richards clothing is fetish, whilst Diana’s forte is frilly knickers!

There you go! Sorted…….they all overlap.


These two are Nativa Richards, for their catalogue, no mark but nearly all theirs were taken by Ostra.

Here she is again, but in some Diana Slip knickers, spot the difference? Lol..

I really like frilly knickers…(I MEAN I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE FRILLY KNICKERS) like the dancing girls wore, (can-can…did you know they kicked them off and finished with none on in some clubs!) a lot of can-can troupes had theirs from Diana Slip Catalogues.

Good God in heaven! ..we now just pause for a while for an Asa Jones drool!

ohhhhhh..hmmmm…yum yum yummy! 

Sorry, my apologies! Let’s carry on.

You can find hundreds of their photos quite easily.but to save you looking I am going to slowly put a copy of all mine on here. You are now armed with the knowledge of who, what, where. So all you have to do is enjoy them now…

Lots of the models like Olga here showing her bottom, pop up often, you’ll recognize them as time goes by. I often think me and my delightful girls…Samantha, Kate, Lucy, Charlotte and others who visit occasionally, are like them.

I got to adore his models and looked for them, you have got to know my girls, and look for my photos of them! How lovely!

See those spanking gauntlets? I have seen them on various models on photos with both identity marks.

Oh good grief, how I want her over my knee and then pull these down, slowly…

They did lots of sequence, like this one of naughty ballet dancers. It is these and the magazines of my youth…  

{{{smiles wickedly at the memory of the excitements of buying them with a huge erection! God …the walk home to masturbates was quite uncomfortable… but the orgasm, after going through the blushing purchase ritual was amazing! Especially if a naughty young woman had sold them to me!!}}} 

…like Janus, that inspired me to do the same.

I can imagine one of the Biederer brothers saying (in French) ” Put glasses on, it will make you look more serious and in charge.

You would not think it really, but she was quite a well known Domme in her time…slight but wicked, was her description in the lists.

As you know I tell you about vintage Dommes in ‘Flickering Images’. I have a feelng that she was not a ‘barrel of laughs’…I can just imagine myself coming out with endless quips and her expression never changing!

..anyway…bye bye little Miss Happy Face! Let’s look at some more bottoms!

Time for another drool! Somebody bring me a hairbrush! And you girl!

Get over my knee now!



Crying after a spanking before the class… Serves her right for being naughty! No sympathy! Let’s carry on with more naughty sexy vintage girls!

I think this is Nativa do you? She appears loads in the Beiderer stuff, but sometimes you see her as Helga, maybe a stage name.

I just cannot get enough of these girls or my girls. The thought of pretty sexy lovely girls…and they are! Lovely characters, interesting and funny! And best of all…into spanking!

Let’s just carry on and on and on and on and on…. In spanking dreamland!

Look at Olga’s bottom, one of my very favourites, and somewhere on here, forget where, I put my favourite photo of a bottom of all time. It was her. In ‘Flickering Image’ I think.

Have you noticed a few from the violin lesson set, I bet the bow made a pretty tune on her ripe rump! God, isn’t she and her bottom fabulous? If I knew where it was, probably Paris, I would go and put flowers on her grave as a thank you for letting us see her beautiful bottom!….a lot!


I love this one… Can you guess why? It is one of the Biederer brothers, he crops up a lot, you’ll see him as time goes by and you browse through the next few hundred!!!

This next one has the perfect Ostra Studio mark, are you feeling that you are getting to know the models yet? Just like Samantha, Kate, Lucy and ?Charlotte …they are so happy and fulfilled, doing exactly what they want to do…with (I hope…blush!!!) …someone they want to do it with!

Here are two editions of Yvette Richards and Diana Slip’s Catalogues, look at Diana’s face, and then at some of the photos on here, see if you can spot her!


 A couple more photos for you to browse…before we look at a few sets and talk about some models in detail.





Let your mind go back to 1928, it is night time, in a  secluded wood, on some farm land belonging to a friend of Jaques and Charles, a few grand old black Citroen s pull up, and a couple position themselves carefully, for lighting.

The doors open and out tipple a group of models and the Biederer brothers, I say tipple, I would imagine some red wine has been drunk and the atmosphere jolly, relaxed, sensual.

I imagine it is a still summer, one of those warm nights you can sit out comfortably. Maybe crickets are chirping. Then it dawns on them, (I know this feeling very well indeed!) …what seemed a great idea in the studio, suddenly seems a bit risky, slightly scary. They go quiet, and listen. They are safe…they hope.

The frightening thing about outdoor shoots is the threat of discovery, but at night, with  head lamps shining like a light house…crickey Jaques! Bloody hell Charles, I thought I was brave at times, but if I wore a hat I would take it off and raise it in salute! You carry on with your naughty girls, trust me, I know exactly what you are feeling!

Let me keep watch for you.

…and so in the dead of night, with cumbersome equipment, it begins.

I am not in the same league as these men, and would hate anyone thinking me presumptive or big headed…I hate that stuff. But what I say next is a feeling, how I feel as I look at these…

Me and my girls! When I look at these I  can sense us going back in time, I have spent so much time in their company, it is so easy to look at these and place my girls in their place! I can hear their voices, their laughter.

This could be Lucy, laughing too loud and us all saying shhh! Charlotte making a silly joke or kicking her knickers in the air to catch, Kate, serene taking it all in, and Samantha, always sensual.

What fun they had that night under the summer stars. I bet they lay naked looking up at them as silence fell. Mission accomplished. Feeling lucky, like me, and glad to be alive!

Another day, another shoot. The same area of countryside, just outside Paris, the girls meet again for some more naughty frolics. Oh my, these BORS girls are so naughty. We all know what they need! And do you know what, they all turn to look at us, give a cheeky smile, wiggle their bottoms and shout…”A spanking! PLEASE!”

Lets see what they get up to…

Oh, just two of them today, is that a martinet or a horse tail whip?

In the early days of my blog I used to have a worry, ‘what if I run out of stuff?’ …now that I have my team of girls, my studio and other places, my worry is this…”how will I ever fit everything in?”

…you see, all these old images inspire me and give me new ideas! 

Anyway, let’s just look at them, could anything be better to stumble upon than two naughty naked girls thinking they are all alone, spanking!

Let’s hide behind this rock, and observe. Not sure what they are saying, but who needs to know French? Owwww is the same in any language!

That stick on the floor looks interesting!

There’s a silver birch over there behind them. Maybe they should go a cut a few pieces. We get a better view of what they are using now, it is the favourite French spanking implement, a martinet. Looks like soft supple leather. I have used these very hard, and it gives a lovely wide spread glow on a female bottom. The girl I used it on Fae, was begging for it harder and faster. Happy memories!

They go back to their Citroen and drive off, I bet this is a regular little spanking haunt of theirs. We hear voices, wow!! Two more are coming!

I do believe we have stumble upon ‘Spanking Dell’, I have heard of it. It was on a farm, belonging to a friend of the Biederer brothers. Private land, shut away from the world, to spank in, in the open air. Naked!


I can’t remember what the words are for the equivalent of a dell. But I bet it sounds sexy! French always does! I might call my old ruin that, so help me please….what is French for ‘Spanking Dell’ …I might make a sign!


This looks a bit more serious! Look at the girls face on the floor.

I see the photo has been touched up around the pussy of the girl with the whip. I wonder why? It could be the request of the model, a later publication of it in a magazine…who knows?

Making her crawl through the undergrowth to a tree for a more serious punishment. Maybe the dell was used for more than just photography, could this be a real Domme with a naughty sub? Who knows? I will look for the rest of the set, (I have distant memories of it getting a bit serious)…one day!

To be honest I have given up, my filing system is a bit like cricket. It is ‘in’ or ‘out’ or ‘l.b.w’, in this case, it is not ‘leg before wicket’ it is ‘let the buggers wait’ ….until I find it, somewhere!

Here is Olga reading a spanking novel, beautiful clothes and expensive silk knickers on show!


I wonder if it was one of their houses that shot at? Who knows…


This is is another of  two of the girls in a lovely spanking pose. They do inspire me! I might copy a lot of these with my girls…





Some Stereoscopic ones. These are 3-D if viewed through a stereo viewer.

Clever Victorians!

….try making two holes in a piece of paper and looking from six inches away…it works!!!









It is getting more and more like I know these girls like I do ‘my girls’.

How lovely to think of them all those years ago having the same fun as us. Here are some more… Stereoscopic Biederer

And now back to the usual ones…

How sexy for the spankee, looking through the window as her bottom is smacked. Imagine if some people realised,  and a small group of these ‘knowing people’ gathered to watch.

The maid at top of the spiral stairs is a very popular set of theirs…

And just look at these three having spanking fun before they indulge in group masturbation…

Don’t you just love their cheeky set of matching open back spanking knickers!

Here is Olga in a classy pose. I believe she acted in some films too, not porno, proper films….lol


More BORS….click here

More ‘BORS’

Here are some BORS sets, click here…

Vintage Sets ~ mainly Beiderer and Ostra

SECTION 6 … Public Spankings

Public Spanking

MUCH MUCH MUCH more to be added…please call back.

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