There is something about these old photographs isn’t there? Here are a few, but I post most of them on my Tumblr blog….see the link on my home page.


v n 1

I think this is the nicest bottom after Charlotte’s, certainly worth a spanking!

v n 4

Look at these young ladies,  just knowing they are from another time makes them very appealing doesn’t it? The same girls in colour and in modern times just wouldn’t be the same!

v n 5

I’m not sure what she’s using, but no matter what the era, the same things turn you on don’t they?

Spanking,  Girl on Girl, Female Masturbation




Things don’t change much really, I think the world has one constant thing. Sex and sexual arousal by erotic images, from the Romans and before, right up until now.

old sp 3

See what I mean?

old sp 2

Same again in the 1950’s

old sp

and back again.

v n 6

Unusual isn’t it?  Is the girl on the left backing on to a dildo?

v n 3

She looks a bit formidable doesn’t she?

I want to mix in Charlotte’s version of Victorian from time to time as well. Do you like bloomers? I do, well to be honest I love them and love to spank Charlotte in them. You can see me do it in some clips!

I like the open back version best of all, but just take a look at my little friend in these, doesn’t she look lovely.

(and yes I did, soon after these were taken!)


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