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A Little Interlude

We were shooting for my vampire story, and also for ‘The Inveigle’ at the Victorian house. It was the first time these two had shot there and they were excited about the secret passageways, the cellar, the theatre and the rest. In between scenes they went for a wee, and to change, well….lol… Not change, get naked, for climbing the stairs and being naughty with each other in the purple boudoir.

The vintage naughty paintings intruiged them as did the rather resplendent toilet arrangement.

As I was telling them about the paintings and prints, I decided to take a few photos. Glad I did!

Maid Training – Number Five

You can see the previous here…

From there you can follow it back to number one.

A lot of the punishments, especially with the cane, take place before the screen idol of Samantha, Marilyn Monroe, a huge picture hangs in this room. A little secret….sometimes Samantha spanks herself and masturbates before Marilyn.

Here is a set of caning photos…

Making Kate lean against the bureau, allows a maximum swing. Samantha canes very hard, the cane whistles through the air, and the whack echoes.

So does the gasp and scream from Kate.

It is a wonderful room, with great acoustics. Her canings are a spectacle to behold.

Sometimes Samantha uses the padded chair next to the window. People around know what she does, and accept their lifestyle. I imagine a lot of gardening in the adjoining gardens comes to a stop as they look up to watch.

Like any photographer I make mistakes. Not sure what setting on my camera I caught…lol…but this one turned out to be a lucky mistake!

One of my followers on Twitter @1000SexTips said it looked like a scene from a dirty dream they were in…

I liked that.