My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin…Part Two

Why not go back to the start? Then come back here, this is part one, it will lead into this one


After her masturbation, she would have loved it, if ?I was there, and going to find her. You see, sometimes we play naked hide and seek, me clothed with a plimsol, her hiding, naked, knowing that the price of being caught is a spanking.

But today, she was all alone, it was May, a beautiful day. She let her mind drift into the fantasy she has told me of…

She flicked her knickers into the trees, it is something we do. When I go alone, I look for them, and return them to her. Sometimes though, I strip myself, and wrap them around my cock, and masturbate. As my sperm runs down the knickers, (or sometimes it shoots by them!) I catch it all, wipe my manhood, and throw them back.

She dreams of being fucked hard, or spanked, tied to the portcullis.