Kate Masturbates in School Uniform at her Desk

We have all masturbated where we should not have at some time or other.

Remember that feeling? Enhanced by the thought of being caught?

Imagine how it feels at a school, in the 1960’s, knowing that if you were caught it would mean at least a spanking, or most likely the cane.

Kate finds a classroom, at lunch, not being used, put yourself in her place. She leaves the door open, so she can hear the noise. She does not take her knickers down, she takes them off! Then rubs her clit, and fingers her slit,with her legs wide open. As teachers, prefects, and other girls walk by the door. Every little sound, every threat of discovery, sends a wave through her body as she works at her orgasm…

This was her first orgasm, restrained yet powerful. I need you to know that this is not posing, it is real masturbation. We did leave the door to the studio open. All the way through I kept telling her that anyone could walk in, and that soon lots of you would be looking at the photos…

Rubbing frantically now, she was building up for a big one. I told her to imagine she could hear footsteps, the Headmaster’s. “He stops at the door, will he come in, how would she feel rubbing and fingering, unable to stop as he starts to shout at the top of his voice.”

My word, she orgasmed hard. She was there, she could see it, she could sense it. She said to me afterwards that as she screamed her orgasm she could see him coming to grab her ear, and pull her down the corridor, still rubbing and orgasming as other girls looked aghast.