Over the Stool Charlotte

It was not long after the parents evening and getting the belt from Daddy, that I needed to punish Charlotte again.

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Cheating in an exam, is a very serious offence. I decided to give her a very hard fast spanking wth my thick soled, heavy duty plimsol, thirty swats. No mercy.

“Silence! This girl as you know, has been found to be cheating. Whilst all of you have been revising, working hard and diligently getting ready for the test, she has not! I am going to make her squeal and dance before you all. Charlotte! To the stool, now. You know the drill, present that bare bottom for me, hurry girl!”

I stood by her side, looking as stern and as cross as I could. I put my left palm in the small of her back, pressing her belly to the stool and delivered a blistering attack on her buttocks. She did indeed squeal. Her legs kicked. It was fast and furious, the deep whacks of rubber on soft bare flesh echoed around the room with her long gutteral yells of pain.

Her bottom was ablaze!

“Right young lady, get yourself in disgrace once again, out to the front with you! You will be pleased to know that a letter is being typed for you to take to your parents. I suspect your Daddy will be excersising his right arm with his belt again this evening! He told me last time that the next will be at your front door. So I expect a lot of your chums here will see the spectacle!”

Eager laughter and excited chat rippled through the room, I had just ensured a large vocal audience.

She danced a merry spanking dance at the front of the class as the rest of the girls giggled at her plight.

“Now that is enough of your hopping about, it is no good thrusting your bottom forward you silly girl, it will not move away from the fire burning in it! Bend over, poke that naughty red bottom out to the whole class and let them see what a silly, naughty, young girl you look. You can stay there until the end of the class, then go to my secretary for your letter!”