Maid Training – No 8

Eggs and toast! To be precise, boiled egg and soldiers.

Mistress Samantha, you will not be surprised to know, is very fussy about her breakfasts. Eggs should be just runny enough to dip a soldier in, and the toast, brown, not from a sliced loaf, but hand cut to half an inch thick and golden brown with Irish butter. It must be hot.

Kate failed today, the toast was a little overdone and the egg too runny. She has had a spankng and a few strokes of the cane, for the toast. She has been made to wait for her next punishment. Her pussy is dripping more than a lightly boiled egg as she waits.

She can hear Mistress coming upstairs, she is so moist and excited.

Mistress walks in with a leather soled vintage shoe, it is shiny on not very supple. “Push your bottom out for another spanking you naughty girl.”

‘Yes Mistress.’

The sound of stiff old leather whacking soft buttock flesh fills the room, accompanied by a crescendo of screams. But it is not over, another six strokes on the top of her already caned bottom follows…

Rest assured her training will continue in ernest.

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