Franz Rehfeld’s Dommes ~ ‘The Berlin Belles’

Every now and then, ….well, maybe more often ::chuckle:: lust gets the better of me. Only when there is a ‘y’ in the day though!

I don’t know much about this photographer other than he worked in Berlin and specialised in the notorious ‘Berlin Dommes’.

Now this is the bit where I get rude…I like to spank and photograph the female bottom. But I also like to see a Domme punish another girl…love it actually. But….lol….get ready! Sometimes, I could watch a Domme get all hot and sweaty after using a sub, then take the Domme, bend her over something, spank her, then fuck her like there is no tomorrow!

I suppose you have gathered by now, especially if this is your first visit, that this is not the most educated well written blog….but it’s sexy! Full of spanking and female masturbation, so go on….like my site! Save me as a favourite and come back often!

So let’s have a look at the Berlin Belles :-

All taken by Franz, good man, glad you took them, thank you! What a record of a bygone age.

This is one I colourised…

Look at the glimpse of stocking top

This pair worked together, love their boots, I would be tempted to shoot them in boots, evening gloves and their crops.

When I started this web site and blog, I never knew it would get so big! No! Not my manhood from looking at so much naughty stuff…the size of my blog. So….it kind of got too big to handle. I have tried to sort it for navigation, so it is better. But other Dommes pop up all over the place!

Off you go then, consider it a quest! Start by finding my spanking time machine…you’ll find some there.

Bye, see you soon, I hope.