More ‘BORS’

It’s possible that you might somehow have found this section as a stand alone set of photos. On my site (click ‘back to web site’ above) you will find VINTAGE….section 5 was getting very large and I think some people might get fed up scrolling down it, hence this….

I came across a lovely set of Biederer photos I had not seen before…

This is Mr Biederer, the poor soul was a Jew, and did not survive the camps..

What a classic example of his photographers mark. I find this sad, it makes me realise that one day I will click my shutter on my girls one last time….:sigh: …but not yet! No time for being miserable Jonesey! You have bottoms to spank and photo for years yet!

I hope!….lol

I have some more like this, but am not 100% sure if it is him or not. I’ll get around to it one day…

Lots more to come, come back soon!