Public Spanking

Special occurrences sometimes recorded for us…

Before we start, judicial canes were long and thick. As shown here…

A lot of judicial birches were long with the birch twigs untied at the end, (a little like the Manx Birch, but that had thicker twigs, see below)…Those used in the home or school were usually, but not always shorter as this photo of public school birches show…

Although not public, witnesses were present at birchings and some police officers trained in their use..

See the Isle of Man Logo on the uniform.
this is the famous Manx Birch and the man who would wield it on your bare bottom with little mercy.

Note the judicial cane as shown above resting on the table here…

Two inmates in a French Prison being checked by the doctor before receiving a twenty four stroke caning each.
A girl gets the paddle at a rodeo….not seriously I think.
A girl at an English College in the 1970’s getting put in her place by her friends who caught her stealing from their purses.
A Spanish maid getting punished for dropping the food..
I was told by the German Lady who sent me this, that her Grandma took in in a Frankfurt Park just before the war.
1950’s America, and a girl being spanked all the way home from school, and hearing the famous words…
“Just wait ’til I get you home!”
1930’s Holiday fun…for some anyway! She is smiling, so probably it is…just a fun holiday snap.
We have all seen the bratty, rude girl at the bus stop.
it is a mock up from a shoot. I was told who by, but have since lost it!
Girls who fraternised with the enemy were paraded naked and then spanked, after the war in many Euripean countries. Better than hair cutting and tar and feathering I think
This is a mock up, but very well done. By Italian Spanking Art I think.
What a great idea, a game show that not just rewards the winners, but spanks the losers!
Reputedly the oldest record of outside REAL discipline.
Happy Birthday to you…SMACK!
Happy Birthday to you….SMACK!

birthday spankings seem fun, until you reach 35 and Mummy has a score to settle!
This is a real school caning, the family who sent the photo in asked that faces and names were not to be given.
Film Star or not, a naughty young woman got spanked by her Daddy!
Old School Discipline – 1905
up on the rostrum before the class.
open back knickers added to the humiliation.
London, 1960’s and a protester is hauled away by the police for a very public spanking….because the photo went around the world!
The house leader in a 1930’s finishing school for young ladies has the privilidge of being able to spank her house members when needed and voted for.
1960’s school discipline.
A bratty teenager is spanked by Grandad at a family party for not respecting her elders!
Miss Mildred Richards, Justice Witkower1922, Chicago
Grandma and younger brother watching a stroppy teenage big sister get a spanking in the local park
Outside the Moulin Rouge, a dancer who let the can can show down gets a public spanking in the street outside, next to the artistes entrance.

I bet she has a Moulin ROUGE bottom!
A young girl in a Middle Eastern country has brought the family name into disrepute. They drive to a car park, and tie her in her lifted burka to thrash her bare bottom.

This waitress is rather forgetful and has had a very bad day, finally she tries the patience of the cafe manager too much, by taking the wrong drinks to the wrong table, just as she is de-corking a bottle! She turns her around, bottle between her legs and spanks the girl! See how the passing girl customer is laughing at her predicament, and everyone turning around to see! “Can you not get anything tight you stupid girl? Bend over!”

smack, smack, smack….

“Next time it will be on your bare bottom, so you had better Buck your ideas up young lady!”

‘Owwww, ooooh stop stop, everyone is looking at me, stop owwwww, yes , I will, just …owwwww!….stop pleeeease!”

Here is some nice artwork depicting public punishments/spankings…

Girls being made to carry their own punishment implements into the town square. Puritanical England 1668
One of the most common fantasies of you spankees. I have even been asked to set this up for some of my customers! I did too, see ‘public punishments 1 and 2. A spanking in class before others.
A naughty maid caught stealing gets a bare bottom thrashing before dismissal.
Another schoolgirl gets her bottom bared before the others!
Up on stage for this public thrashing.
A sloppy waitress gets a spanking before the customers.
I wonder what she did to deserve being dragged out before a baying crowd for a bare bottom spanking?
Pilloried before a mocking crowd.
imagine that, in great pain at every whack! But all they do is jeer, laugh, and mock you. I am guessing the war is over, and the girls at this whorehouse served the enemy, feeling sure of defeat. What a shock when her side won! Look at the smug girl in the front row, a rival prostitute from a bawdy house which packed up at the start, and is now in business. Maybe this was a rival, who made the move against her advice.
imagine too, the long queue of trembling whores waiting their turn, and afterwards, all the red bottoms on show in a line, probably being pelted with eggs and rotten tomatoes!

Here are a few newspaper clippings of spankings, I have put them all in here, but not all are public. My favourite one to start is though…

Here are some more…

2 thoughts on “Public Spanking

  1. I am greatly enjoying your website. I personally enjoy seeing photographs and illustrations of girls and women being publicly punished. I have seen any number of girls of different ages being punished publicly in the past at school, church, in the market, in the park, in car parks, and right on the sidewalk, but not for a long time. Nowadays, most of the girls punished publicly, mostly by their frazzled mothers, are little girls, and if older, are more than likely being given traditional birthday spankings, or boyfriend spanks on their girlfriends jeans clad or skirted bottom. I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in The South, when spanking girls at school and home was very common. I often saw the stripes of a recent switching on the calves of young and older girls, alike. I really do miss those days, but the memories still linger.
    I do believe that if public strapping, or paddling of delinquent youth, pilloried as in one of your drawings, was to be reintroduced into law here in America, we would have far less juvenile crime. The offenders buttocks would not even need to be exposed to the crowds that would gather. Only their head, hands, and thighs and calves need be exposed. A “modesty shield” such as those on the front of many secretary desks, would effectively hide the privates of either sex. The area where the public whippings would be administered would only need to have a wooden or metal barrier installed directly behind the raised punishment platform, to deter onlookers from behind. The citizens who would gather to see the sentences carried out would hear the loud piercing cracks of thick, oiled leather or aged solid oak striking bare flesh, over and over, and over. They would personally witness the pleas, begging, loud cries, yelling and screaming from the mouths of those being soundly paddled or strapped the requisite number of strokes. The crowd would see the suffering grimaces of judicially prescribed pain on the delinquents faces, their faces turn red, their noses drip involuntarily, the tears stream down their cheeks and drip onto the platform, their hair become matted and brows sweat, and likely they would see knees buckle and the young offender’s legs having to be strapped to stanchions to support them till their whipping has been completed. Both young males and females would be eligible for a sentence of public corporal punishment. Vandalism is vandalism, and girls bottoms are no less suited for strong medicine than are boys.
    This return to an older form of justice, seen by men and women, and particularly by children at the impressionable ages when lessons in the consequences of bad behaviour can be inculcated in them, would serve to keep neighborhoods safer, parents jobs easier, and with less teenage rebellion, and would help to encourage young offenders to resolve to walk the straight and narrow path. After all, soundly applied corporal punishment would be an experience few teens would likely want to have revisited on their bared behinds.

  2. That is a very well written comment. Thank you very much for taking the time out to post it.

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