An Unusual Female Masturbation

“Hello Charlotte, you look guilty, what are you up to?”

‘Errrrr, ummmmm, this!’

“Wow, a cock! What is it, a strap on? Have you got somebody coming to see you….er….. for something?” I ask.

“No, it is a vibrating one, the more I wank like a man, you know, faster and harder, the more it vibrates on my pussy.”

“Sorry, am I disturbing a private moment? I’ll leave you to it.”

“No, no, I’ve not started yet. You know how I have told you that you taking photos of me makes me horny?”


“Well, take some photos of me with it, and when I’m ready I’ll go for it and cum for you.”

“Sounds good to me!”

click……gentle buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She pushes it against her, gets it in the right position and tightens the strap. Then stands up, and I start clicking…

IT was obviously divine, the gentle vibration exactly in the spot she wanted….and then she began to wank harder and faster…..”Oh fuck yessss….oh god….mmmmmmm!”

Gritting her teeth bar hand flew up and down the plastic slippery shaft in fury…..”!’m cummin, I’m cummin, I’mmmmm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNG!”

She pushed it down hard into her groin and squealed on the top of her voice…”YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”