‘I’ll Get Spanked for You Again Tomorrow’ says Cherry.

Your girlfriend at school loves spanking, you love spanking, she loves to be spanked before you. She whispered last night as you fingered her pussy at the bus stop..”I’ll get spanked for you tomorrow” and hopped on the bus with a friendly grin.

And so ensues the next day, a school day unfolds…

The register has been taken, assembly in the school hall is over, you all come back to Mr.Jones classroom to start the day.

“Who wrote this ridiculous nonsense about Miss Kenworthy on the black board?” Asks the strict teacher.

Cherry stands up, “Sorry Sir, I was just larking about that’s all. It’s a joke Sir.”

“Stand up, arms by your side, chin up. A joke to you maybe, but this sort of thing undermines authority. Teachers must be treated with the upmost respect at all times. Is this what you call respect?” He asks.

“No Sir.”

“And do you show respect to rules Cherry?”

“I try to Sir, yes.”

“Move to your side in the gangway, let everyone see your pink shoes and ankle length frilly socks. The rules say that black shoes and white knee length socks should be part of the uniform..have you exemption?”

“No Sir.” she says quietly as she steps into the gangway between the desks.

All heads turn, and some stand to look. “QUIET! Sit down, and face the front.”

The boys sit on the right hand side of the room, the girls on the left. You sit, facing the front, not daring to turn to look at your sweetheart.

“Out to the front Cherry.” Instructs Mr Jones as he picks up a plimsol and places a stool for her to bend over.

Cherry walks out to the front, your manhood is fit to burst through your grey trousers.

“Bend over!”

As she does her skirt rises. You know how excited she will be, you also know that with your shared secret, she is sacrificing her bottom willingly, and spankingly, for you.

Her gym slip is lifted. “Knickers down Cherry.”

Bare, before the class. You know she will be wet and her pussy will be twitching. This is exactly what she wants, and needs. Knowing that you are sat at the front of your row of desks, watching, is such a turn on for her.

“Legs apart, push your bottom out to meet the plimsol, grip the stool and do not change position during your punishment. If you do, we will start all over again young lady. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.” She replies as she shuffles into position.

You stare at her nervously shaking bottom and pussy.

The spanking is by no means brutal. Six good whacks of the thick rubber sole, delivered quickly, three to each cheek. She hops and squeals but does well, and keeps a grip on the stool rail.

“Now get to the naughty corner, stand there for fifteen minutes in silence.” Instructs Sir.

She trots off, knickers still lowered and bottom on show, to stand in ‘corner time’.

As you stare at her bottom, it seems to fill your mind, all the rest of the room seems to fade, until Mr Jones signifies that fifteen minutes is up. “Back to your seat Cherry, and tomorrow come in your correct shoes. Keep your knickers down until the end of lesson.”

She looks to you cheekily, and returns to her seat.

I just want to add…

Out of all the bottoms I have spanked, hers is the softest. Almost unnaturally so. I think if you put a feather on it it would indent the cheek!