A Lucky Chance Upon a Spanking

Ohhhh this was lovely!

I was at my studio, I had just spanked Samantha and taken pihotos of her.

Half an hour before we had finished the shoot, Charlotte and Stephanie had come to do some spanking videos for their own sites. I was in the Headmasters Office and they were down my studio corridor in the classroom. I left Samantha rubbing cream on her sore bottom and getting out of school uniform and back into her day clothes.

As I walked by the school room I could hear Charlotte being a teacher and Stephanie counting out some whacks on her bare bottom! God…it felt so real, like I was in a school listening at the Headmistress’s door! I was tempted to masturbate! But of course I didn’t. I waited until they had done, knocked and went in to put my plimsol back in the shoe rack.

Charlotte asked me to take some photos of them, so now you and me can visualise what had happened five minutes before, behind the door, because they were still dressed in their outfits and in the same setting…

That’s it! See you soon…