Kate’s Fourth Visit to see Miss Kenworthy ~ An OTK Spanking.

These are some more photos for ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’ which you can read if you click below. Please remember this is a novel in creation, you are seeing me work on building a story.

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Kate is summoned to the punishment room again. It is only a few days since her caning, which you saw. It seems she has been falling out with Charlotte, saying that she is Miss Kenworthy’s favourite not her!

“I am allowed two favourite pupils Kate, I cannot believe that you are being so childish.” Says Miss Kenworthy strictly.

“You can get over my knee right now young lady, come on, over you go! And if you persist in this silliness, I will give Charlotte permission to spank you before me!”

Miss Kenworthy was pleased to have two favourite girls, both of whom like to have their bare bottoms reddened! And all the way through, she thought of watching one spank the other.

Which was quite strange, because as Katie jiggled, wiggled and squirmed on the lap of Miss Kenworthy, she was thinking pretty much the same.

Much more to come, wait until you see all this put together and written properly, you’ll love it!