Maid Training – Number 11

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Now forced to do her duties with no knickers on, Kate is busy at her work…

Oh dear Kate, be careful carrying that tray, it got you a spanking yesterday. And are those cane marks on your bottom? What have you….look out, that sugar lump has rolled out of the silver sugar bowl, she’ll not like that!

Oops, she’s seen it before she had a chance to put it back. Oh dear…

“What on earth do you call this?!? How on earth dare you bring a tray in such a disgusting state? Look….LOOK!! A sugar cube is on the doyley! Get over my knee right now! I would have thought that the caning for the centimetre of rind you left on my bacon at breakfast was enough to keep you on your toes today!”

Kate wriggled around, the crisp firm smacks stinging like the devil on her already sore bottom.

She was soon squealing and kicking her legs, begging for the hard spanking to stop, but it didn’t, it went on for a good five minutes more!

More to come, and soon, there will be two naughty maids! God! I don’t half spoil you lot!