Bratbusters ~ Part Two

Continuing from part one, which you can read here, and it also gives you a link to the models names etc…


Of course, we offer harsher and harder services depending on a brats naughtiness. That of course is your prerogative, we just give the punishment, we are the threat that can become real.

The plimsol is a very good step up from hand spanking, very good for a second visit, or if you consider that it is fitting, delivered from cold for a first visit too. Or perhaps, after a spanking by hand, if a naughty girl deserves a step by step punishment to the highest levels.

Be warned though, a plimsolling is a very painful experience, ideally delivered fast and furiously….30 good whacks on the bare are perfect.

Constant chastisement is given, asking if they are learning a lesson and reminding them why they are here too, is very effective. We like to make them write their misdeed on the blackboard and ask them to read it at regular intervals.

The ferocity at the end is something to be aware of before you bring anyone, it is quite fearsome. They will be doing the spanking dance and buckling at the knees too most likely! As well as singing their own version of the spanking song…’woooo oooooh oooooow etc’

Of course, when the spanking of the naughty girl is done, she will be made to apologise and then stand in corner time.

More serious levels coming soon…