Hawkeye is a dear friend of mine and like his name suggests, he is an excellent scout. By that I mean his Twitter page is a valuable place to visit for the unusual, humerous, or vintage type of spanking photograph. Or indeed any type of work, especially art work.

You can find him on Twitter as @hawkeye0701

He is my Marketing Manager on Twitter, and an excellent job he does too. I just give him the photos or whatever from my site, and trust him to promote it well. Sometimes by getting a huge number of ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’.

Thanks Hawkeye! Good job! You will see down the page that Hawkeye has a job to do. It will be updated weekly. But here is his journa….

HAWKEYE’S Spanking Journal… He is German, and writes excellent English. A few Grammer errors, but it gives a certain added charm to this account of his spanking journal.

Part One

Hallo Asa

Wow, just turned 60 and finally found my dream job. “Marketing Manager at Asa Jone’s – Spanking emporium – And I ask myself over and over again … what lucky coincidence has guided me to achieve this goal.

You must know, I am never punished by my parents (I was just a good kid who got slapped every now and then for overdoing childish activities and “good words” didn’t help). Even when I was in kindergarten, which I spent in a Catholic kindergarten that was still run by nuns in the 1960s, I can’t really remember being chastised by any nun there. As my mother told me, the only intimidation of the nuns was that during our afternoon nap, a nun had to sit down next to my bed with a hand brush or wooden spoon because I would have rather played than slept.

Spanking during my school days: unfortunately nil … the corporal punishment was abolished in Germany in 1951 … and I started school in 1967 … When I think back to my teachers, … one or the other who grew up during the Nazi era has it I’m sure I regretted that the flogging was abolished … and that we were only prosecuted with an entry in the class register or a “blue letter”.

My “enlightenment” on the subject of spanking probably came with a visit to a sex shop, where I held one of the spanking magazines in my hands for the first time and nervously leafed through it … (lol I wasn’t 18 yet). I suppose it was the expressive b / w shots that shaped me, ..young girls in school uniforms, the navy blue panties stretched tightly over their buttocks, and in the background a strict teacher swinging the cane…

With a much deeper voice than normal I bought the first magazine (Janus?) And that was it for me … Of course, at first I was only enthusiastic about the pictures … (yes, your way of thinking goes in the right direction) and then I dealt with the texts … lol of course English …. A great language, if only it weren’t for the grammar and learning the vocabulary … lol but thanks to a Langenscheid dictionary the missing words could be translated.

And so in the course of time a small collection has emerged, which, however, also posed a problem … where to put it in the garbage (a magazine cost the equivalent of 17 euros ~ 35 GBP …)? never in life. So I have it in our basement (I was still living with my parents at the time, training and the armed forces were still pending). And you don’t know how long it will take for the next magazine to appear … Something like silent communication existed between the dealer and me … a shake of the head when entering the shop meant that there was nothing new … or you point your chin in the corner where the magazines were … “There’s something new”

I’ll just cut it short, in the course of time a lot has changed, and access to spanking stories has become easier for us fans thanks to VHS, DVD and, last but not least, the Internet.

At the time, I soaked up the stories like a wet sponge … and suddenly began to criticize …. “I would now have …… instead of the author … I began to take notes and to preserve my ideas.

But there is also the fact that spanking does not have the same status in Germany as it does in England, … no school uniforms, no flogging, etc.

shall i continue ??




Hello Asa,

Here I am again, I took a short break, and sorted my thoughts …

and here it is, my short report on spanking in Germany … I don’t know exactly when, but it must have been sometime in the early 80s. In a trade magazine “Free Forum for Educational Questions” that published not only short stories but also personals, I came across an ad:

Mature educator / governess Tel. 069 /…no more … at that time you could still tell from the phone number in which city and in which district the connection was. The address, not far from where I lived and easy to reach

…. I flipped a coin three times whether I should go or not ….. I “had to” (lol) and wanted to. After several attempts in the phone booth … (yes, I’m really that old …) I really managed to open my mouth and ask for an appointment..

The voice at the other end of the line … everything but sympathetic, but I thought to myself that it must be like that … On the trip in the S-Bahn, I imagined what the lady would look like , … what do I actually want there … thoughts about thoughts …. and suddenly I was standing in front of the house, a normal apartment building like any other in town. And there was the name in bold letters … just the name, no title, nothing. I gathered all my courage and pressed the doorbell, my pulse was racing … there was still time to run away … but the door buzzer went off, I gathered all my courage and opened the door.

I had to go to the first floor There were 2 apartments on the same floor …. I looked around uncertainly … was I right? … I really want that … my knees were trembling … what did I get myself into … what am I actually doing here? Suddenly one of the doors opened, even if only a crack .. I went to the door uncertainly … “Come on in, hurry up” I was standing in an unlit, dark hallway …. a thousand thoughts shot through my head the one that remains for me (if someone hits you on the head now, it’s your own fault …)

“Did you find your way here okay?”

I was torn from my thoughts and for the first time noticed the woman behind the door. I have to admit, I was expecting a little shine and glitter … but far from it … The lady was in her late 50s and early 60s, the appearance of a good honest housewife, a bit plump, perm and glasses .. in my imagination, more the angry neighbor or aunt, or maybe it was the smock apron and the slippers that irritated me. She led me into the living room, where the dishes were still on the table .. “The lady cleared the table, asked me if I would like something to drink, which I denied. A brief opening: What do you want? … I started to explain …. what I wanted, what I imagined …. the short answer from the lady was: the price, I don’t know how much anymore …. but for me at that time a decent amount

I paid my obulus, I’ll just call the lady Ms. S. now, put the money in her apron. I got my order: “You can take off your pants and underpants …, it’s okay for you if I stay like that … lol … no punishment in an upscale atmosphere, good middle-class in the living room, I meanwhile from Trousers and underpants freed, I was now in Ms. S.’s living room. Ms. S. cleared the table, went into the kitchen and came back a few moments later with a wooden spoon, hairbrush and leather slipper Standing half-naked in someone else’s living room, these devices seem a little scary

Mrs. S. let herself fall into the armchair and made herself comfortable, the utensils spread out on the coffee table. “What are you waiting for, over my knees ..”…As if by remote control I followed Mrs. S.’s instructions, although I was suspicious of the whole thing … but now I was half-naked for 20 years over the lap of a complete stranger older woman who could now enjoy my bare bottom. A completely new situation for me, as I said, I’ve never been seriously beaten by my parents … and now, by a complete stranger. Before I could think further, the first blows clapped my bare hand on my bum … hard and energetic … and I was asked to keep count … to 50. I can only say this much, Ms. S. understood her trade …. then it went on with wooden spoons and slippers … and each hit hurt more..

I bit my teeth and thought to myself that if my parents saw me now … no weakness and above all no tears. As a child of the 60s, I grew up with these principles, a boy doesn’t cry. When I thought my parenting lesson was over, I first had to stand in the corner for 10 minutes, my bum pointed in the room, while Ms. S. made a little order. Ms. S. allowed me to turn around and because I was so good, I would have deserved a “reward” … My eyes fell on the paper tissue box and disposable gloves that Ms. S. was about to put on … I declined this “invitation / gesture” with thanks, with the serious expression that I did not plan something like this and actually did not want it

An indifferent “if you don’t want to, you already have” … but then you get a few more with the cane. Ms. S. went to the umbrella stand, rummaged around in it and took out a cane. Ms. S. pulled my ear “playfully” (really not hard) and took me to the window that led to the street. I was allowed to support myself on the windowsill and got a few more blows (not too hard) with the cane. “So that’s it, … another sip, water? … but you have to hurry, the next one wanted to come right away.

I dressed a little awkwardly and with my face contorted with pain …. “It’ll be fine, … put cold water on it afterwards”. Ms. S. led me to the door, opened the door a crack to see that there is no neighbor in the stairwell …. looked at me briefly, and gave me a hearty pat …. “he’s on the way, and that you still think of me on your way home.

I made myself a bit stiff on the way home, unfortunately the well-intentioned advice with the clap of water didn’t help. My bum shimmered in all colors for a while. In retrospect I can say, “Test of courage passed”, the pain and the experience were there, but something was missing in my head cinema … My hunger for adventure was satisfied for a long time … and I went back to the magazines. But as you see Asa … and your dear readers it is still remembered

that was it for today … but at that time, it was still a long way to England for me, which is paved with numerous anecdotes and experiences

if you want, more next time




The rest of this page is for him to display his ‘PICTURE OF THE WEEK’ from Twitter.

Which will appear here, with a credit to the person responsible, if possible.

~ Hawkeye’s Pictures of the Week ~


Selfie advanced … An expressive b / w photo … in the past it was enough for us to take a mobile selfie … today, tech. Equipment needed to take good pictures. Expressive, sensual and erotic without appearing vulgar


You can see this and more of the series on my arts pages…Asa

Posted by Juliette Foto from : http: danhang.sexusa.net (source corner right below)

No, no, and once again no..
. b / w photos have no bonus with me …. I make decisions on my own gut, sometimes I let myself be guided by the erotic mood of a photo, a situation, a position or a facial expression. Or quite simply, the picture tells a story …. With a little imagination, anyone can write a story … and if it only happens in the mind of the beholder. With this picture I like the mistress / maid scenario, a hand brush spanking in front of gleeful maids as witnesses of the punishment. For me the question arises, why is one of the maids hesitating in front of the door …. is she the next one? … or is she afraid to enter the room?

3….I like b / w photos, and appreciate the artistic effort (double exposure) on this photo. Also that this photo leaves a lot of imagination for the viewer


This was posted on Twitter by
Dark Mystery on Twitter as @DarkMystery


Bent by zander58 (Martin Reynolds)
postet by Alexander Lozitsky allozitsky

… I like this picture from its style of design …. simple and “without great effort” designed, an elegant and supple posture the right position for six-of-the-best with the cane.. A well-shaped bum …. I don’t know about you, but I would like to bite into it…. It is like a ballet pose, and who wouldn’t like to see a naked swan in ‘Swan Lake’?

5. A photograph by Roy Tersley

No, no nepotism and no preferential treatment

Just a great picture because the moment was caught when the Twase meets the pretty bum

At the right time, in the right place . “old photographer wisdom”
foto: @RTersley…as he appears on Twitter if you want to follow him.

6. Shows exactly why I entrust Hawkeye with representing my work on Twitter since Lucy_Spank_Me got me banned. I used to feature the work of Drago B and Ariel myself….nice to see it again. They are inseparable, so two this week, once again the struggle in Hawkeye’s head between black and white and colour goes on!…

After the Ball

Aperture, exposure, everything in the picture is what is needed, flash unit switched on..etc. and then stay calm at the sight of Ariel and don’t get Pnervous. Finger on the shutter release and …..click

Hawkeye´s fotos(s) of the week
Model: @ArielAnderssen
fotographer: @BeeDrago

They are staged photos, but those who take photos themselves know how many things to watch out for before the photo is “worthy of publication”

7. Foto by: HairBrush @OverHerKnee

A photo to my liking, posed, but with a fine sense of humor. Is the young lady’s butt really hot enough for me to fry a fried egg on it? From an erotic point of view, yes.

8. For its simplicity…

This photo convinced me this time with its simple simplicity … (lol, because of the pretty well-formed bottom it was … and my guilty conscience that I wanted to read the “Götz von Berlichingen”

right, the one with the famous quote:

Ein literarisches Denkmal setzte ihm Johann Wolfgang von Goethe im dritten Aufzug seines 1773 erschienenen und 1774 uraufgeführten Schauspiels Götz von Berlichingen mit dem „Götz-Zitat“: „Er aber, sag’s ihm, er kann mich im Arsche lecken! “.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe set him a literary monument in the third act of his play Götz von Berlichingen, published in 1773 and premiered in 1774, with the “Götz quote”: “But tell him, he can lick my ass!

J.W. Goethe was a famoies poem from Frankfurt, i believe, what Shakespeare for England…is Goethe for Germany..specially for “Frankfurters”

i´ve never seen this pageant/play (??), but i´ve heard in the last years…the main character (Götz von Berlichingen) has to present his bare butt to the audience -As a “modern director” I would cast a woman in the role

Goethe would turn around in his grave (a popular German saying … the name can be exchanged)

9. The reasons for this picture? Everything! Says Hawkeye.

i have just postet this foto by Amelia Jayne@naughty_aj_ and @dieu_belle

source by_ Amelia Jayne@naughty_aj_ and Belle Dieu@dieu_belle

what excites me about this photo? to put it simply: everything

Again a “simple b/w” foto. a well knowm position..which, although you can’t see anything, expresses anger, anger, powerlessness and resignation. Especially since this photo in “my” category has something to do with the topic of “spanking”, even if you don’t see any percussion instruments … and that’s the nice thing … the photo speaks to me and tells me one … or also several stories

And this photo asks something of me …. In reality, I would like to go to the girl and try to comfort her.

Or maybe it’s the girl’s clothes that appeal to me. The tartan skirt, knee socks and buckled shoes arouse a kind of protective instinct in me … But if I’m being completely honest ….. I would have put the girl over the knee

10. Quite a beautiful classic pose for his first milestone…his tenth week.

foto of the week by pantyhose-fetish@philosophe666

This photo really has everything your heart desires …. a model with a shapely buttocks, erotic lingerie .suspender belt and nylons.. red high heels with a signal color effect …. the provocative pose … the young lady is waiting for you to meet her pretty bottom. The buttocks are decorated with a few stripes of the cane.

11….Hawkeye makes a point about black, white and colour!

For my critics … by no means, I prefer b / w photos … if that is not enough proof that color photos have a real chance…

In this photo it is the “naturalness” of the young lady, of course she was “made up” for this photo … but one moment when she was distracted, the photographer pressed the shutter release

Photographer and Modell sadly unknown.

12 ….another b + w, this time from our mutual friend Peter Birch

…with us there is no prize money to be won, for ‘photo of the week’.

The choice is random and corresponds to my mood. I like this picture because of its expressiveness … The young lady who is half-naked in front of me stands for a stranger …

A woman who is seduced into a lovemaking and then has to recognize what her lover really wants (possibly a spanking ..)..

or was you caught at a rendezvous with your lover .. and your husband is standing in front of you?

or is the lady a nude model on her first shoot and get “cold feet” at the crucial moment (getting “cold feet”* Fear of doing something that you were convinced of 5 minutes ago)

No – 13 An amusing photo, once more in b+w

Posted by Jan Slauerhoff by Philippe Pache

14 …is full of atmosphere

Photo of the week by “Disciplinarian Days”

It is the expectant demeanor and the incredulous look of the young lady, who can hardly believe that as long as you wear a school uniform you are not protected from spanking …

This photo tells me a story ……. the typical boarding school scenario in which a schoolgirl is sent to her room to await her punishment … With the instruction to wait for your punishment in exactly this position

She will muse, “At my age, bent over my bed, and has to present my bare buttocks. Who will come into the room first .. Headmistress, matron, a teacher … or one of my classmates who are cheering with glee and what she has seen will tell in the school yard.

15 …Once again, from Twitter, this time from @LeiaAnnWoods

Nudity and humility … a perfect representation of submission and dependence

No – 16 …is from Mistress McCane@lolanisbs (with permission)

The loneliness of the delinquent after the punishment and the display of the exposed and punished buttocks…

Also the elevation of the stool also allows the curious in the back row to examine the success of the punishment

No – 17

foto by Bri69@Brigitte69 / Twitter

A picture with a rarity:

a considerate cyclist who advocates calming traffic in the big cities. No motorist would voluntarily overtake this cyclist. And when she gets out of the saddle, no driver would overlook these big brake lights

No – 18

Source by Miss Haldane www.misshaldane.com @MissHaldane (Twitter)

Two objects – one goal (target ??)

A wooden spoon, and a bare bottom……To change the colour in a short time

No – 19

So unusual, like a ghost holding her head, to look at her bottom maybe?

No – 20

Typical Hawkeye Humour!

Yet there is so much more to Hawkeye. He is a story writer and script writer, for me and others. He initiated the stories ‘The Masked Marauder’, ‘The April Fool’ agnd ‘The Hockey Teams New Captain’, for me. Not only that he came to the shoot of the ‘Masked Marauder’ and took some excellent shots, which Hawkeye will show you here, in Part Two.

PART TWO ~ Hawkeye’s Gallery…

Photos taken by Hawkeye, or photos from videos/shoots based on Hawkeye’s original script ideas.

No -1 …he has chosen an idea he wrote for me, that turned into a very popular illustrated story. I remember getting the first mail, and reading through it. In very good English. We went through it together via e-mail changing little bits, improving small areas, and picking character names.

Then I set to work writing it, and sent a copy showing where the photos would go. Once we had agreed I contacted the girls and we shot. I can remember now the delighted e-mails I got when his baby was born!

His idea, turned into life, what a joy for him and me.

Click here to read…


As you can see, Samantha played the girl who had to dress in school uniform at work, be spanked, and then spend the day with her red bottom on show.

The lady in blue is Carole who has played a few parts for me over the years, a very elegant older lady who spanks well, and hard.

Here she is getting into character.

Kate made an appearance too, in her usual graceful quiet spoken way. So here are the team, for this story….


You can find out more about the girls by clicking on my ‘models page’


Thanks for the memories Hawkeye!

No – 2 Hawkeye’s Photography…

The story called ‘The Masked Marauder’ was another of his ideas I developed into an illustrated spanking story. He attended on the day and took some lovely photos of his own…