An Unusual Relationship – Part 7

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The spanking came slowly to an end, I felt almost invisible still, witnessing something quite sensually magical. What followed took my breath away in its sensitivity and sexiness…

The final smack landed, and Mummy asked her naughty daughter to come close for a cuddle. “Yes please mummy, and, and will you…”

Mummy knew what she needed. “There there, my precious little thing, Mummy loves you, but will always spank your naughty bare bottom when I think you need it.”

“Yes mummy, I need spanking lots…sniff…thank you for being a perfect Mummy Bear.”

Mummy began squeezing her daughters plump soft red cheeks, her finger tips leaving white marks in the fleshy buttocks.

Ohhhhh and then, it happened. Mummy asked, “Do you want comfort?”

It soon became obvious that after a spanking Mummy comforted her daughter by letting her suckle.

Charlotte smiled and nodded. “Yes please mummy, yes please.”

Unusual maybe, but beautiful. It was love personified. Quite exquisite. Here is a Mummy who keeps her daughter in line with spankings, and afterwards explains why, and comforts, in an unusual but very bonding way…

One thing I noticed was that at the end, I could hear a rhythmic sucking, and in time to it Charlotte pulled her cheeks apart with her fingers. I could see she was very moist.


The End