Tunnel One, Door One

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You take a good look at the picture by the door, the flickering gas light illuminates it well, the dancing flame bringing motion to it.

You speak to yourself…”Sorry to dissapoint you, but it will be you bending over, not me.”

You push the stout oak door open and enter a dimly lit room, with a powerful light breaking the darkness to illuminate the lady you saw in the picture.

You know the Duke will somehow be watching. You want him to know that you will do just as you please, and not behave as a door picture might suggest.

“Call me Mistress, and get any nonsense out of your head about me submitting to you. If you want to fight about it feel free, but you will lose and get a real thrashing afterwards. So turn, let me see the shape of your bottom.”

Like a willing robot from Westworld, the woman turns. “Yes Mistress, of course Mistress.”

“Keep your vest on, but lower your jodhpurs, let’s see how spankable your bottom is in the flesh.”

“Did I say face me? Keep your bottom towards me at all times unless I say differently.”

“Yes Mistress.” The woman replied and turned.

“Pull your thong up and down twenty times for me, you dirty little bitch. Please me! It is what I like to see.”

“Bend, push your bottom out. God you filthy whore, I can smell your juices already!”


“Look at your lips, how ready you are already. Remove the jhodpurs!”

“A good choice of shoe, I like heels, they push you up and out when bent over. I am going to finger your dripping wet cunt hard and fast from behind. When you have cum a few times I am going to spank you really hard. Get that chair, bend over it.”

“Yes Mistress, of course Mistress.”

“Your cunt is open and ready, maybe I should bring a dildo next time! Wiggle it for me, I need to finger and rub myself first.”

You sit on the floor, pulling your nipples with one hand and with your legs wide you finger fuck yourself hard and fast, the sticky squelching sound excites the girl as she thrusts, wiggles and exposes for you.

You come with loud groans and guttural sounds.

“Turn the chair around, kneel on it.”

“Lovely long hair you have, but I want to see your bottom and gaping pussy. Head down bitch!”

You spank and finger her wet dripping cunt until she cums as hard and loud as you did.

Without a word of gratitude you turn, and leave. Back into tunnel number one. You look to your right, the trapdoor is down. You walk to it and climb up into the Boidoir.


I did not tell you this about the real fifth Duke, ‘The Prince of Silence’.

In his room, he did not communicate with the maids. He just left notes at a hatch.


As you enter the boudoir you try the only door, it is locked. You look out of the mullioned window to the beautiful garden. Nobody can be seen. The sliding of a hatch attracts you. You see a face, a maid. ‘I have laid out clothes for you, the copper bath in the bathroom is full of hot water. It is a roast beef dinner tonight, I will bring it to this hatch in an hour, along with a bottle of merlot. Do you want one glass or two?”

“Just one please.”


Room two tomorrow!