William ~ Part Five

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Charlotte moved her slave boy to the next apparatus, he was now very subdued and extremely submissive…’yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” we’re about the only words he could mutter….very quietly. For such a barrel chested man it was strange, especially as I thought of the volume of his high pitched squeals and howls. I continued to act as a fly on the wall, not interfering, not speaking. Just silently moving, and clicking my camera.

She made him sit on the back of Neddy, Charlotte’s little flogging rocking horse.

“Ooooooh I love to see a naughty boys bare bottom all red and sore sticking over the edge of my Neddy’s saddle! Good boy! We are going cross country, I will be satisfied with nothing less than a constant gallop! I want you to rock this sturdy little horse as high and fast as you can.” She said as she picked up the crop.

THWAAAAACK! On my word, the crop whistled and then cracked like a pistol shot.

“Come on boy! Giddy up !”

He rocked for England! Squealing and howling like a girl at every severe cutting whack!

Over hills and down dales….

She laughed cruelly at his ridiculous antics. “Ha ha!!! that’s it my boy! Gallop! Come on, jump the fence!” WHAAAAACK! WHAAAAACK!

Charlotte was in heaven, this is just what I wanted. It was her and her willing plaything…I had vanished!

“Come on Neddy! There’s a river…faster, faster or you will not make it! Come on boy, what’s the matter with you?! I said gallop…come on, work you idle boy…come on!!” Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack!

She was so in the zone, her boy puthering sweat and tears, trying his level best to go like the clappers!

He cleared the water, he galloped on the track through the woods keeping his head down. Then she let him slow to a trot….

She saw me materialise and laughed…”God I enjoyed that! I’m worn out!”

I remember thinking ‘What about him?’ And then a bit of the devil rose in me…I wanted more. “You were fantastic, but your jockey is to heavy for that little horse, he came last, and they are laughing at his efforts.”

She looked genuinely annoyed….”What!? Last?! They are laughing…at me!? You useless article! I’ll teach you! It’s the birch for you…come on, quickly, run, over here…now!”

For a whole second I felt a bit guilty, but at the end of the day this is what he wanted…exactly what he wanted. I knew it was.

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