Sat in Disgrace

It is the early sixties, the left hand row of desks in a traditional classroom is reserved for the naughty girls to sit, on display, as an example, in disgrace. Yesterday they were told to report to the Headmistresses Office ‘first thing’ this morning, which they have done.

They have been soundly punished for their naughtiness yesterday and have been sent to the classroom in question, crying, rubbing their bottoms.

In this school, after every ‘period’ the classes change. So after assembly, a group of second years come in for history, then a fourth year for geography…and so on. The two girls have to sit in shame, bare bottoms on show, all day. Only allowed to go for toilet breaks and lunch must be eaten at their desks. At the end of the day they must go back to the Headmistress and make a formal apology, whereupon a letter for their parents will be handed over, to be returned the following day, signed.

This will almost certainly mean a good slippering on the bare tonight. Hence the sulky looks…

Naughty girls…my naughty girls.

Kate and Samantha, two bottoms I have spanked, caned, slippered, tawsed etc many time. Aren’t they lovely!