Sophie, an exotic dancer and spankee…and, the International Flower of Spanking!

Hello again! It’s a good day, the international flower of spanking is out! The Gorse bush. I have been for a walk on my local canal and there it was, bright yellow, all around, in the sun.

The Gorse Bushes on the way to my local Canal.

Actually that’s a load of bollocks!

There is no such thing as an international flower of spanking. There is a Gorse bush of course, and once in my mis-spent youth I used it in a corny chat up line…I was walking with Rowena, ( about two months after first smacking her bare bottom) …I write of her on here occasionally, she was the first girl I spanked. I said ‘Oh look, the spanking flower is out!” I told her that tradition has it, that if you see one in flower, you must smack the bottom of the girl you love.

Cheekily she smiled at me and said….”Ooooh there are lots of flowers.”

So, in a nutshell, my first experience of giving a pretty girls bottom an outdoor spanking was achieved.

I confessed my sins and said I had made it up, at which she thumped me hard on the arm, and we both laughed….’You are a cheeky sod!’

Yep! She was not wrong, and here, fast approaching my twilight years, I am still the same, with an arsenal of cheeky stories stored away.

Now….why have I told you this?

Because of a dear friend, Sophie. Who used to dance naked on stage with ostrich feathers. And…who in her younger years got spanked for money, a professional spankee, who is now in her late seventies. With bright eyes, and very often a rather nice hat, a wicked sense of humour and a cute smile.

She reads my blog most days, are you blushing Sophie?

We meet about once every three months, for tea and cake. I am her 69 year old toy boy.

When we first met, through our shared hobby of antiques, we got on very well and…well….you know how it is, we shared our interest in spanking. I told her this story and it tickled her, she laughed very much, and kept chuckling away every half hour or so for the rest of the day.

I have hold you of the antique centre where I sell my wares, and the lovely homely cafe attached. That is where we meet, and every time we do, I go and cut some gorse flowers, to put in a bud vase, on the table.

Quite pretty isn’t it, it looks lovely with a poppy and some hare bells…

In this modern digital age, it is quite fantastic at what you can find, on the Internet, such as vintage spanking photos. The fun of looking is sexy, and rewarding. But let me tell you of times gone by, something we are slowly losing. The art of finding them for real, to hold in your hand.

My search for antiques has led me to many interesting locations. My search for old Victorian or Edwardian spanking novels in particular has led me to two fantastic book shops. Old creaking places, where you feel like you are tipping over, the crooked old houses they are in are very old, and letter ally, crooked. I would like to tell you of them, the town and village they are in are perfect for browsing. But you might go and beat me to a bargain! (I doubt it, they are kept to one side) …no, the real reason is that they are antiquarian book shops who do not want to appear on these pages. I understand, I have a lot of lovely friends but most do not admit it, I am a lot of people’s naughty secret. Someone they like, but are a bit embarrassed of if their family is around…::sigh:: …such is my lot.

They sell postcards…naughty ones, under the name of ‘vintage glamour’. I bumped into Sophie as we looked in the same box, it is how we met.

I remember buying my first spanking magazines from grotty little shops, it was secret and very sexy. I used to go to a stall on a local market to meet a man who sold erotica, that too was sexy and thrilling. People pushing by as I browsed st spanking magazines and postcards. I remember going to postcard fairs, and checking out the ‘glamour’ in village halls and theatres on Saturday afternoons. To search live, and get a find is a vanishing art.

So now you know, Sophie is an avid collector of spanking photos, postcards and ephemera. Her house is a Victorian delight. You have seen it in some of my photos.

But meeting her, when surrounded by curios, in our cosy cafe, with our special spanking flower on the table is an absolute joy. The smell of age and old books surround us. The wood smoke from the fire and the vintage lights on a cold day are magical.

She will look around, and when happy that nobody is peering, she will get an envelope out, and say…’I have something for you, I think you will like.’

Like a member of the French Resistance meeting in a cafe, exchanging secret documents. It is both naughty and exciting! She leans forward, so do I too. Then we browse…real photos, many of them are in postcard form.

Age…mmmm the smell of age. Ahhhh I love that musty smell!

So close your eyes…smell it, picture it. Last time she brought six, here they are…

Don’t let it die, the physical erotic search for erotica is something so special, especially with a naughty friend of the opposite sex, who shares the same tastes.

Antique Centres, Collectibles and Memorabilia Fairs, Poscard Fairs, and book shops are secret sexy places which still have treasures. You get used to knowing where to look. And once you have been a few times something magical happens….”I have saved something for you Sir.” Says a young woman or man.

That, my dear readers, is when you open a secret door to a whole new sexual experience, and if you are lucky, the strongest of friendships. Like my naughty little secret….Sophie.

You can see loads of my vintage here, lots of people say they see lots on my pages that they see nowhere else. Now you know why! Click here…

Treat my site like a shop, this is your first visit, you will find secret corners everywhere…


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