Mr.Reece gets the cane.

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Proud Mr.Reece was broken, trembling with pain, humiliation and fear, he flinched when Tamara said. “Right Mr.Reece, to finish off, you can get a dozen or so of the cane.

Flexing the cane around her own bottom as she stood by his side. “Right! Let’s begin…..present your bottom!”

She was going to enjoy this, she was going to make it swish and crack! And him scream! She took aim.

And then gave him a sound thrashing! The cane fizzed, whizzed and swished! It cracked and whacked and thwacked! He squealed and screamed and yelled…loud, long and high pitched…

As she examined his bottom she could feel the moistness of her pussy. She was thrilled to the core and exhilarated. She knew that tonight she would be fingering her pussy hard, to many orgasms. She drank the sight in.

“Not red enough!” She announced and gave him six more in rapid fire succession…whack,whack,whack,whack,whack,whack!!!

Then she yanked his underpants down, and decided that was enough!

“Right, you naughty boy!! Get into the corner and stand in shame!”

“Ooooh ohhh yes yes yes Mistress Tamara, I will Miss, yes yes!” He squealed as he ran.

To stand on display, in the naughty corner…”oh you naughty, naughty, boy Mr Reece!”

“What are you MR Reece?”

“A naughty boy Mistress.”

“Tell……..again!” She commanded.

“Yes Mistress, I am a naughty boy, your naughty boy Mustress.”