The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Four

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Charlotte did not know where to look next! She was talking very naughtily about the pictures in the book, each excited girl was having orgasms. Legs were open and finger were just blurs. The noise was so decadent, and the aroma of wet pussies in a small room was intoxicating.

She glanced over to her right and Fae was totally in the zone, her eyes focussed on the book, her mind on the increasing orgasm. “Ooooh mmmmm yes, oh God, yes…yes!”

Charlotte could see she was the first to have a major climax…”oh here she comes! Go on get, get them fingers right in, we are all looking at you…come on, come on, diddle that button for us!”

Sat next to Fae was Amber, who on hearing the words and looking at all the fingering, felt a huge surge of vitality run in spirals up her pussy!

“Oh here cums Amber, look at those fingers in her knickers, they are like bees wings! Definitely a rubber and not a poker is our Amber…come on baby! Cum for us! God you look so happy when you cum!”

“Oh my word!” Shouted Charlotte…”I am surrounded by cumming cunts! Come on girls all together now! Oh here she cums, Sapphire is on the boil! Cum for me…cum cum cum!”

Sapphire’s cunt was shooting little spurts on the desk…the noises she made were deep and guttural, like some animal! “Oooooooh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

Charlotte urged them on and on…”cum on you dirty bitches, finger those cunts, shove one up your arses, cum cum cum cum!”

By now the girls were fingering all holes and bouncing about almost hysterically the noise of orgasms built to a crescendo!

“Oh my goodnight!” Shouted Charlotte….”I am surrounded by gaping cunts, love juice and orgasms! Yes, yes, yesssss, all of you cum all around me!”

“Oh God, my pussy is running like Victoria Falls after all that!” Said a gasping Charlotte.

The others were now slowly calming, just little shudders. “You turn Charlotte! Get yourself on show, do one of your specials for us!” Said Sapphire.

Next is Charlotte’s turn!

Oh, and by the way, Miss Black is getting to the end of her work and thinking of going to the venue she has to appear at soon.

Oh dear Charlotte…be careful!