Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Three

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“Right, let’s get this over and done with! Bend over and place your palms flat on the chairs.”

I knew that at this stage fear of ‘what is to come’ is worse than knowing, so I put them out of their misery. “I am lifting your skirts and lowering your knickers to your ankles. You are both getting twenty apiece with my size thirteen plimsol! You have been very naughty girls indeed! What have you been?”

‘naughty girls Sir.’

‘naughty girls Sir.’

“Yes! And tell me, what do naughty girls get?” I said sternly and loud.

‘spanked sore bottoms Mr.Jones’

‘spanked sore bottoms Mr.Jones’

“Yes…indeed they do!”

I proceeded to do what I had told them.

I picked up the said size thirteen plimsol and slowly walked around looking at my targets, the floorboards in my office creak loudly. The clock ticked like a blacksmiths hammer, I could plainly hear their nervous breathing.

“Which one first?” I asked myself.

I rested on the end of my vaulting horse, to decide upon the matter. Neither seemed dramatically scared to be honest, I would have done the most nervous first. I looked at my stout senior cane, it pointed between them. So I let it decide, I would do them together, from left to right.

I moved to my left. What a glorious sight their fine upturned flanks presented to me. Two pair of buttocks almost begging to be thwacked without mercy.

The wait tried Samantha’s patience! She turned…

“You insolent girl how dare you turn around after I have put you in position!! Eyes to the front damn you! And keep them there!”

I moved in and decided to start with her. “An extra four for you my girl, before we start!”

My word! Let me tell you dear reader, she paid for that insolence in fine style, She had the first four quickly and with full force! No mercy at all!!

To be honest, it thrilled me and my manhood stood to attention like a sergeant major! As I stared at her bottom, my eyes drifted to their pussies. Both were moist and dribbling freely. I had a mind to whip it out and fuck them there and then! I could imagine them turning around and begging me to ram it in hard, a few strokes at a time in each, changing from one to the other repeatedly, then at my climax I would finish by hand spurting all over those plump rumps!

But of course, that was pure fantasy. I delivered a good bottom blistering spanking to each!

More soon.