The Patio – Part Two

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The joy of peeling thin fancy edged material from warm expectant flesh fuelled their desire.

Knickers were teased, suspenders were snapped, breasts and buttocks bobbed free and loose, eager for caress.

Charlotte’s bottom needed attention, her cheeks begged for a sharp kiss of pain, in the fresh air where the noise of a smack sounds so very delicious.

“Oooh spank me Samantha, smack my bare bottom hard so I know that everyone near can hear, please, let’s be naughty out here!”

Caution vanished. So what if they did make a noise? It was there home, they were secluded, and nobody could see. Charlotte bent over, her bottom pushed out eagerly for an open air bare bottom spanking.

Samantha looked at her two magnificent globes of soft decadent flesh, and began to draw her hand back for the first smack…

It’s a shame you will have to wait for it! More soon!