Photo Set 338 – The Control and Punishment of Charlotte ~ No-3

As you know by now, Charlotte loves to be on show, and at times, humiliated and controlled.

I have put a few events on over the years, so some of the girls can experience a public spanking. On one such occasion, a predominantly older group of women came, and at the beginning of the day, each guest was invited to go down to the dungeon, to pretend that they had paid for the use of a girl. (I had three girls there for them.) They were a real mix of ladies, two young, five older, some a bit posh, a couple definitely not….lol…but they got on very well, and had a lovely spanking day.

Charlotte, like the other two girls, had never met them before, after each visit of a guest, she had to take a new position. So imagine the wait each time, when a complete stranger came to view her…footsteps approach…

They were allowed to smack her bottom. They could speak, but she could not reply to what they said they would like to do to her, (if allowed too). She was ordered to smile and look eager at every suggestion. No matter how rude, coarse or vulgar! She was like a Gorean Slave Girl…a pleasure girl.

What would you say to her? Please leave your words in “comments’ or click on ‘contact, and mail me.

These are how they found her, what would you have said? I will add the best at the end of the page.

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