No posts today, I had a ghostly experience!

No post today, which is very unusual, although….this is a post!

I have been alone in my studio, packing it all up. As you know I have been kicked out. It has been a very sad day, I cried again! But it is all done now.


The studio is haunted, I have seen him five times. I could sense benevolence, I think he enjoyed our time there, spanking bottoms.

Right at the end, I stood and held my arms out and spoke, aloud…

‘Whoever you are, we know that you are here. I have sensed you many times and seen you five…you are very quick! But I saw you, always in the same place, over there. That day you pulled Samantha’s hair and pushed her shoulder was naughty though! And that man you scared! Naughty you, maybe I should have spanked a ghost!

Me? Oh I welcomed you. When I sat here alone, at twilight, knowing I had to lock up and go down ‘those stairs’ never bothered me. I could tell you were nice. Thanks for not scaring us, I hope we gave you pleasure. It is time to say bye bye….you will not see the girls again, we have been thrown out. I will come for bits to take on shoots, but they will not be here. So…goodbye my friend, thanks for the company.”

I stood to turn off the light, and take one last look….and he was there!

He came behind me, and hugged me.

Now you may laugh, you might call me foolish, even stupid. But it was sweet, nice, and friendly. I know it happened….I KNOW it happened.

Tomorrow my Spanking friends, is the first day of my new style spanking life, I have been inundated with offers. Watch this space! You have treats coming!


2 thoughts on “No posts today, I had a ghostly experience!

  1. Must have been a manifestation of all of us wishing you well and thank you for all you have shared.I am glad you have found other places to work but am sorry that you lost a place that has so many wonderful memories. Have a great day . Thank the girls(and spank when needed) and really hope your other places work out for you.

  2. Oh thank you Jim. I have to be honest, it has hurt, but you don’t get to 70 without knowing how to overcome a set back and look forward to a challenge. I have been editing my photos today, and it is like a bereavement, knowing that what I am looking at, exists no more. But I am forcing myself to, I have got to.

    And that is what I have learnt, to fight through it….make plans and start again.

    One place I have been offered is a 17th century house, with a very private garden. I have permission to roam at will. I have a few more. It s like a pendulum, right now it is in the middle, I cannot help but look back with sadness, but slowly it is starting to swing to the future…I need to go and get a feel for all the new places, take photos, than sit down, and fit ideas to places.

    I am excited, but moving on too quick seems to show a lack of respect to my old place, the friendly ghost, and all my memories.

    What you have said has helped more than you will ever know. Thank you Jim…:0)

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