My Experiences at Oaks and Pines ~ 2

Hello, just a quick note on my progress.

My character in the online spanking game….

…is in trouble, and is visiting the study of Miss.Szabo, I doubt it will be a pleasant experience for her.

The game is excellent, and once learned, very playable. With my blogging, writing, photography etc I cannot carry on as I would like, after this visit to the study, my character will take a back seat, and observe more. Simply put, I do not have the time.

Do you see? I do not want to recommend it to people who do not give it the time it deserves. You need to immerse in it, if you do, it will be another life you sink in to. You will love it. I recommend it highly.

There is another difference….in my stories, the girls nearly always enjoy a spanking….not always, some are definitely not pleasant. In the ‘Oaks and Pines’ world, they give reality. It hurts, it is not pleasant, a girl will be taught a painful lesson. They will be afraid.

So there you have it, my work is almost done…if you want realism, and have the time, the game is for you. But before you decide, read my conclusion…


On a personal note. As you know I have spanked hundreds of girls, and acted many parts. But the reason all my girls come back to me, is because at the end of the day, I am the rather kind old uncle, or teacher, who will spank a naughty girl…but with a heart. You know me, she will probably end up having her bottom soothed and her pussy rubbed….it’s me, my fantasy, my blog.

I would say that a typical O&P player, is not like me. They want realism, a no nonsense approach….pain, a real punishment, given as it should. A naughty girl is taught a lesson. Without a heart.

And to me, that is the difference…on my blog, you get spankings with a warm heart. On O&P you get punishment, in a no nonsense colder, harsher way.

Therefore, it is not really for me.


I will stay a while and observe, and I am hoping for inspiration for stories, like looking at a photo. It has already happened with the riding idea, as you know.

Good luck to O&P, good luck to you if you join, you will love it if you match.

But for me…..this is my happy place, I love it here best of all…I do not match.