The Keyhole

Another lovely contribution from Mr.G.Reece.

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His latest….

Hi Asa.

I wonder if this Maid will soon be up-ended
over that Gent’s knee with her skirt yanked up and
knickers pulled down…

Perhaps that Peeking Maid is witnessing an
arousing Spanking through that keyhole
and feeling a tingling between her thighs instead
of getting on with her work…..

If it is indeed a Spanking she can see…. Is it a real
punishment, intended to chastise and correct or is it
an erotic punishment intended to arouse to the point
of a climax for both/all parties?!!


Either way…. I think her own Bottom is about to
get ‘Disturbed’ with that rather large magnifying glass!!!

I love the description at the bottom. I must admit I
had to Google Hoopla…….

unnecessary fuss surrounding something.
“I really didn’t know what the hoopla was all about”

Well I hope the Maid won’t kick up a ‘Hoopla’ when her
knickers are yanked down, to bare her sexy Bottom
for a good hard Walloping!!

Mr Reece