A Glimpse Into ~ the world of ‘The Spanking Emporium’s Brat Adjustment’ Service!

Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen, if you have a particularly unruly brat of a girl whom you want to see humiliated and thrashed before you. We have a ‘Brat Adjustment Service’ on offer….click here


Like this chap, who dragged his reluctant naughty girl by the ear to us! (no, not me, I am behind the camera!)

He wrote a long apology and agreement to future submissive rules on his tablet, that she had to read out slowly, and she rode on ‘Neddy’, naked, whilst having her bottom well and truly striped.

This was a particularly good one, because he wanted it public. What you cannot see, is the audience, encouraged to laugh, mock, and jeer, sat where I am stood with the camera. This is at one of the public spanking events I put on.


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