I have been updating my vintage adult schoolgirl model section…

Remember my favourite vintage adult schoolgirl model, Susan Douglas?

I have found some more of her in my vintage searches…

I adore this woman, look at her bottom and its graceful, spankable curve hanging over the step. The act of drinking and smokimg in school uniform, so brazen! Oh she does need spanking! What with her pigtails in ribbons, the gymslip, the stockings, and the straw boater….she is perfect for spanking.

I wonder if she is still alive?

You can see a lot more of her and other vintage spanking themed models here…


Why not browse around my vintage section, I have been developing it for years and years. I think ou might like it.


7 thoughts on “I have been updating my vintage adult schoolgirl model section…

  1. Dear Asa
    Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to model this with another suitably naughty schoolgirl. I really like the nylons and classy heels.
    I would need a thorough spanking and at least six of the best from your senior cane afterwards.
    Love Suzette xx
    PS have ordered sheer stockings in readiness. I am convinced that when lowered my panties will shimmy down my legs in these and further expose my bottom in readiness for you…
    PPS I have also requisitioned a school boater this very morning!

  2. Oh dear, oh dear ………..
    Lovely picture you have found but totally surpassed by Suzette’s comments and delectable thoughts ………..
    Lost for words again!

  3. Hi Asa,
    I’m casting my vote in favour of Suzette’s thoroughly naughty suggestion. Bring on the St. Trinian’s girls . Mind you, I’m not sure if a spanking and 6 of the best would be sufficient punishment? Maybe 12 with the senior cane .
    Perhaps b&w and colour photos too, please.

  4. My God I cannot wait for Suzette in a boater …I have some vintage images that we can use for inspiration on that front …this one is a great vintage image btw ..keep up the great work…

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