Naughty school girl Charlotte showing her Bottom and More!

Back again! Last time we left her…

The next day you meet her again.

“Hello.” She says gleefully, expectantly hoping for more of the same. ” will you wank yourself off again as I show myself to you?”

What a surprise….you reply…”Yes!”

And so, she does…

She swivels slowly in her desk, and your eyes follow her long legs up…

She stands.

“Open your legs please, show me your pussy.”

Your eyes focus on her slit and slightly gaping hole of her bottom.

She wiggles her bottom and you are fascinated as you see her lips engorging, becoming full, ripe, and plump. “Get on your knees Charlotte.”

You stand, wanking your cock hard and fast. “I am going to squirt all over your bottom, and when my spunk is running down your cheeks and pussy I am going to spank you!”

“God yes! Do it, do it! Spank me hard and with the other hand finger my cunt until I cum!”

“You dirty little bitch!” You say as it squirts all over her bottom.

“Oh yes, keep calling me that as you spank and finger fuck me! Oooooh yes, yes, yessssss mmmmmmmmmmm YESSSSSSSSSS, OH FUCKING HELL, YES!”