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A Flickering Message

There are lots of ways a girl, (nervous about telling her partner that she wants them to smack her bottom long and hard), can let them know. This is how Charlotte wants to ask you.

She has been trying different positions, but basically, this Friday evening, when you get home from work, she is going to have some nice music playing, your favourite food cooking, and a nice warm fire crackling. There will be a message on the table…’come and find me, I have a surprise for you’

A trail of pink rose petals will lead you to the bedroom.

Which greeting would you pick for her to be waiting for you in?

Please don’t upset her and say ‘no thank you, I am not into spanking, sorry.’ I think she would cry if you did, she has been wanting a good spanking for years.

My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin ~ Part Three

If you follow this link to part two, it has a link to part one, you can start there and just jump back in turn..

…so, she left the portcullis and began to meander. Imagine how she feels here. It is a bit scary, it’s also large, and a tad on the dangerous side. She is beautiful, and naked. All her fantasies, fears and memories come to the fore.

She has told me that when she is there alone, she just sits sometimes, and contemplates life…

She says too that she often giggles as she remembers the many games of hide and spank we have played there. She hides, I count to fifty, and the chase is on. I set the alarm on my phone and give her an allotted time. If I find her before the alarm goes off, she gets spanked. To be honest, she often makes it very easy, especially when she is ‘in the mood’.

Here is an example…

Now where is she? She is so good at this! Not a sign of her! I will try elsewhere!

Sometimes we have a picnic, and I take the opportunity to take photos of her, like this little set…

Kate is lovely, a very quiet well spoken English accent. A naughty….very naughty mind, clever and interesting. With a beautiful body, and pretty face. Sometimes I see a spot, put her in, ask her to do glamour…and click!

Can you see the trees…lol, didn’t expect trees did you? It’s my private little wood. It looks better with Kate’s bush in it.

At other times I just follow her, and I imagine it is like this when I am not here and she has borrowed the keys. Just her, the jackdaws croaking and screeching, butterflies, birds…

Yes, naughty things have happened here, but most of the time it is a place of deserted beauty where nature has started to claim back. Inside it is cold, still, and secretive…

Anyway, my apologies, I know you come here to look at spankings, and sometimes you find none. I just like to share my girls.

Lots more of this place to show you…come back again won’t you :0)

My Victorian Maid ~ Part Five

Here is a link to part four, each one has a link to the previous one…

Here is my lovely Kate once more, this time on the miniature rocking chair. Similar to ‘Neddy’, it rocks back and forth as you spank, enabling a wonderfully erotic rhythm for spanking. Meeting her bottom on the return stroke, to send her forward and back for the next. It is a good indicator as to how much she wants it! If she needs good hard smacks she pushes forward and then back hard to meet my hand or implement.

I love her mildly amused, slightly confused endearing look. Sexy isn’t it? Let’s watch her mount it…

“Are you settled and ready Kate?”

‘Yes Sir.’

“Then let’s get this fine rump of yours ready for a good long hand spanking…time to bare it my dear!”

‘Oh goody!’

“Lovely, ready to rock?”

‘Yep! Let’s rock Daddy Oh!’

“Cheeky devil, are you mocking my ways again?”

She giggles…’Only a lot Mr.Jones!’

“Right!” I did not need any more impetus but now I have it, let’s get in position by her side…SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

Off she goes..the chair creaking, and her squealing, smacks echoing!


Look at her…am I lucky or what?

Fullarton, Bearsden Girls, and Harry Fischer, all in Accord…

Take a walk down a street in Bearsden, Glasgow, in the early 1960’s and shout, “…any girl fancy a spanking, or showing me their knickers?” You might get killed in the crush as lots of nubile young wenches come running, with bare bottoms and swinging their directoire knickers in the air shouting… “me first, me first, spank me, spank me!”

Hmmm, okay, I have descended into the gutter once more, and slipped into the realms of an Asa Jones’ fantasy!…but…it is based on something factual.

James Fullerton was a photographer and producer of naughty magazines, such as Spick, Span, Beautiful Britons, Town and Country etc and my favourite of them ‘Accord’, a magazine that started off with various fetishes, transvestite, fighting women mixtures….and becoming a spanking magazine. Produced in Glasgow, in a well to do area, Bearsden. Using lots of wee Scottish Lassies. And Harry…an artist who did the cover work.

All done by Harry.

By Jim.

You can go back to the Bearsden girls by clicking here…

Brenda North

What was it about Glasgow in the mid sixties? so many lovely girls happy to bend over!

Not found many of her in spanking positions, but some lovely ones to look at, very much the Beatles Era…

Just imagine, her Daddy sees a copy of ToCo ( what us in the know call Town and country Magazine ) and says…”Right young lady! If you are that keen to show your bottom, bare it, turn around, and bend over! I am going to spank you before the street!”

The Spanking Treddle

This was actually another commission, this time for ‘The Spanking Theatre’. It provided me with an unusual way of spanking Charlotte’s bottom.

I have seen the drawings of the old treddles where poor prisoners of the past were made to straddle with weights on their legs and always found them cruel and scary. Then I came across similar devices for spanking, and eventually this request gave me a chance to experiment.

Obviously, as you are well aware, the safety and happiness of my girls is always topmost in my mind, and I’d ask nothing too scary of them. But this appealed to us, it was erotic in its promise.

We came up with this, which with careful photography could look effective…

Tentatively Charlotte climbed up, first on to the stool…

To stop the edges/corners of the wood digging into her groin and pussy, I made a little saddle, of sorts. Hopefully, when she was on it, it would feel okay. It was more than okay it seems, and put pressure in just the right spot! Let’s just say she galloped to the end of her spanking quite enthusiastically!

Bobby Shaw

Not the most prolific spanking model, but included it in her repertoire, especially spanking related poses, as ‘posh totty’ ( the thinking man’s bit of erotic fancy ) another from the 1960’s, this time from London.

Happy Customers Become Friends – Part 3

To understand you ought to read parts one and two. Here is a link to part two which has a link to part one…

…after spanking Charlotte and Kate, Emma asked if she could be spanked by them. She kept to the role of Victorian Mistress and her maids.

In candle light the girls and Mistress talked about spanking as they spent a while at the dressing table. Then they moved into position and Emma described what she needed.

She asked, “First a hand spanking, then the strap. Do it real, I mean hard and fast. Only stop when you think my bottom is red enough. Do not listen to me begging you to stop…punish me. I need a proper spanking.”

So they did., soon moving on to the strap! ..

TheY did indeed spank her until they felt satisfied, taking it in turns, hard fast whacks. Leather slapping into soft red swollen buttock time and time again. “Stop, stop…please that’s enough, stop owwwww ohhhhhh stop stop, enough….owwwwwwwww owwwwwwwww owwwwwwww!!!!”

As instructed, they ignored her pleas and thrashed Emma’s bottom!

When satisfied the girls soothed, kissed and stroked her well spanked bottom…

And so ended Emma’s visit. We hope she comes again…