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Victoriana Part 6 of another story from my top Contributor….’B’

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Victoriana part 6

The British young adult ladies learning French at the Ecole Ecarlate are visiting the French demoiselles learning English at the Crimson School in France…

I was back at our dorm room and still blushing from having received a bare bottom spanking in front of the whole class, Marie cheerfully teased me, “Have you enjoyed our slipper?”

 Agathe mischievously added, “We now know that you are a real redhead!”

 Josy joined the fun, “You have pedaled your legs as if training for the Tour de France!”

 I humored them, “That leather sole whatever slipper is nefarious!”

 They all laughed at my choice of word.

 Next was dinner with fish and chips. It was perfectly cooked, and the French girls enjoyed it as much as us!

 All those who were punished were teased in good spirit. One of the French girls who had tasted our martinet told, “It sure is more severe than the one we had at home, and getting an additional stroke each time you drop your skirt was devilish! I got 18 instead of 12!”

 One of us chimed, “Imagine a grade under 5/20, it would be two dozens!”

They had a big screen telly, and we watched, “Coming Home” adapted from Rosamunde Pilcher’s novel. It was so romantic, and so dramatic that we cried buckets.

Next morning while having a Franco-British breakfast, it was announced that we would be visiting the Chateau de Versailles.

We remembered the magic Marie-Antoinette movie by Sophia Coppola. We paired and waltzed into the hall of mirrors. Then a naughty one had the idea of skidding on the superb marble floor. It was great fun. A few of us fell and continued on the seat of their knickers.

A pair of museum guards came running. “Arrêtez cela! Stop that! You will scratch the marble!” We laughed, and two of us tried to invite them into a waltz. They didn’t want to dance. They spotted our professors and admonished them, “If they were in our care, we would give them la fessée!”

 A young girl questioned her mother, “Aren’t they too old for la fessée?”

Her mother had no doubt, “They certainly are not!”

 Monsieur Armstrong replied, “We can’t spank them in the middle of the hall of mirrors!”

 A group of English school boys wearing very British uniforms with long grey shorts laughed. They obviously had no objection to watching us being spanked.

The guards were happy to help. “That’s no problem, please follow us!” We weren’t too surprised to be told to follow. A door with a sign reading ‘No Entry’ was unlocked. It was some janitorial storeroom with mops, vacuum cleaners, and floor polishing machines.

Mr Maurice mentioned, “We should have brought our martinet.” Madame Yvonne was practical. “You gentlemen have your belts…”

Mr Armstrong called, “Alicia come here. Take your knickers down to your knees and grab your ankles…”

While bending over my skirt rode till right under my bum. He further raised it. I felt a cool draft followed by a fiery stripe. I remembered Daddy’s belt. Monsieur strong arm methodically worked down my bum and thighs. I had let go of my ankles and he warned, “Keep you hands away or I will smack the front of your thighs!” I knew the fierce sting of the martinet on the front of the thighs. I didn’t want to compare with the belt. I again grabbed my ankles.

I imagined how those British boys must have heard it all through that flimsy janitorial door. We stepped out of our improvised punishment room with deep blushes. We blushed the more when we saw the welcoming comity of rascals.

One of them howled like a wolf. “Oh! I would love to caress the reddened thighs of that sassy brunette!”

Their masters pulled them away, and we gave a high five for Agathe, the sassy brunette. We continued the visit until it was time for lunch.

A short walk through the castle’s park led us to a coffee shop. Our profs gave us money to buy sandwiches and sat on a nearby picnic terrace. With our snacks, we choose to sit on the manicured lawn. Those British boys spotted us, and sat right next to us with their own sandwiches. Properly sitting in the grass with a short skirt was just about impossible, and the boys had more than glimpses of our knickers. We were, of course, aware of their gleaming eyes, and a few of us gave them an eyeful!

A few of them joined us. One of them offered me a can of coca cola as he sat next to me. “Whats your name?”

“Alicia, and you?”


“Thanks for the coke Rodger.”

“That was quite a belting you got!”

“Have you ever been belted?”

“Oh yes, and I was also caned.”

He moved closer and shyly caressed one of my knees.

I smiled. I felt as if back in time, I was again seventeen…


 To be continued…


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Photo Set 530 ~ navy blue knickers, white vest, white socks, plimsols…and Miss Kenworthy!

No, Miss Kenworthy is not wearing them, this is another set for the ‘Girls from P.E. for Spanking’, page. click here…

…up until now, there have been photos of girls in their various coloured knickers and P.E. Kit, bending over etc, but I knew I would add teachers eventually, so this is the first of those.


As in the other sets in this series, a girl, (in this case Kate) has been told to report to the Study in their P.E. Kit.

Miss Kenworthy is waiting, with one eye on the clock, woe betide Kate’s bare bottom if she is late.

The Secretary buzzes and says she is here, Miss Kenworthy looks to the door of her Study, and awaits a knock.

A feeble little knock attempts to break the silence….knock, knock, knock.

“Oh good, she is nervous, I will make her wait until she plucks up courage to knock again.” Thinks Miss Kenworthy smiling to herself.

Three minutes later. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK.

The expert in spanking mind games, stands up.

“Enter.” Says Miss Kenworthy deliberately softly, almost sweetly.

The door opens tentatively.

Miss Kenworthy points to where she wants the naughty girl to stand, and like a lamb to the slaughter, poor Kate walks to the spot, without a word being said.

Without saying a word for a few more minutes, Miss Kenworthy, elegantly, yet menacingly walks by the naughty girl and around to her desk. She stares at her from the shadows as momentarily the sun goes behind a cloud, but Kate dare not return the gaze.

Kate slowly shrinks away, shuffling backwards in fear, the atmosphere was intimidating, the clock seem to be getting louder and louder. “When is she going to speak?” Thought Kate trembling.

“Look at me. ” Miss Kenworthy said in a quiet, seductive sort of voice.

Very slowly, slightly encouraged by the almost friendly kind tone of her voice, Kate looked upwards, still not meeting her eyes.

Her eyes saw Miss Kenworthy’s slender hand slide the wicked looking hairbrush across the desk towards her.

She patted the old oak smooth backed hairbrush repeatedly on her palm, even lightly it made a threatening smack on her hand.

Kate’s eyes looked at the nasty hairbrush, and then, almost quaking, she made eye contact with the magnificently menacing, yet beautiful, Miss Kewnworthy.

At that precise moment of eye contact, Miss Kenworthy spoke, keeping the same seductive tone. “I am going to bring this down hard, on your bare bottom, many many times young lady. Until I am satisfied that your cheeks are red enough, and I am feeling that you regret being such a naughty, naughty girl.”

Kate swallowed.

Miss Kenworthy walked slowly and deliberately with the hairbrush, caressing it, as if it was some kind of pet.

The spanking ‘Angel of Little Mercy’ looked sinister, Kate suddenly remembered her history lesson of two weeks about the Spanish Inquisition. She tried to swallow again, but she had no spit in her mouth to do so.

With the instrument of bare bottom corporal punishment gripped in her right hand Miss Kenworthy walked to get a stool, positioned it and sat looking at her prey.

For a very brief moment, Kate met Miss Kenworthy’s gaze, and a nervous smile spread across her face.

Then immediately Kate regretted it, it was too powerful, too strong, too confident and downright scary. She looked to the floor.

Miss Kenworthy smiled cruelly, the second Kate looked down, and then enjoyed the abject body language of submission.

Miss Kenworthy spoke coldly then. A chill came about Kate and her corner which she was about to leave. As Miss Kenworthy said two simple but quite frightening words…”Come here.”

more to come…


The next batch of 6 ‘Classic Spanking Shots’ ~ Photo Set 529 ~ have been added…

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Number 1

The Baring of the Bottom.

Number Two ( the copy in my link shows the whole of Charlotte’s bottom, WordPress found it too big!….not her bottom, the file size!)

The Worried Look of the Naughtier Girl Waiting her Turn.

Number Three

How Dare You Rub Your Bottom?!

Number Four

Corner Time At Break, The Next Class Will be Coming In Soon!

Number Five

The Finger Marks Are Welting Up! A Bare Bottom Spanking In The Study.

Number 6

A View From Above Of A hairbrush Spanking.

More classics coming soon.


Very Short Shorts! ~ Part 1

Hmmmm, Miss Kenworthy looks a bit disturbed, and angry. I wonder what has happened in her school this time?

She is looking through somebodies Punishment Record it seems, and there is a lot of exasperated gasps and tuts. “Oh dear, does she never learn? She is going to pay for this….my word she is!”

Her Secretary buzzes a message, saying that the naughty girl is here.

“Send her in!”Miss Kenworthy instructs.

Knock, knock, knock….


The well oiled rising hinges let the stout old oak door swing effortlessly open and a well known face pees around the edge of it.

“Well, don’t dilly dally there, letting all the heat out, come in!”

She walks in, full of trepidation, and closes the door behind her. She takes a big deep breath and turns around. “Hello, Miss Kenworthy.”

“Hello!!! HELLO!!!????….you walk in here like you are visiting your Granny for Sunday tea and say hello. Have I given you permission to speak, have you learned nothing from all your visits to me girl!” An exasperated Miss Kenworthy blasts.

I suppose you are wondering who the naughty girl is?

Let me take you back three quarters of an hour, and tell you of a telephone call from Mr.Regal, the manager of the Roxy Cinema in the centre of town.


Miss Kenworthy presses the intercom button. “Yes?”

“It’s Mr.Regal from the Roxy wanting to speak to you Miss Kenworthy.”

“Really? That’s odd! Put him on.” She presses number 9 on the small switchboard…..”Hello?”

“My word, school uniforms have changed since I was at school, do all your girls parade around town, like tarts, in skimpy shorts?” An irritated voice booms down the line.

“No, we have a very strict dress code and woe betide any girl who does not adhere to it.” An annoyed Miss Kenworthy replies. “I presume you are Mr.Regal?”

“Yes, I am…..I have just had to drag a kicking and squealing girl out into the foyer for disturbing the afternoon matinee. Her tiny little shorts and knickers were around her ankles, and her legs quivering high in the air displaying what everyone should not see, as a boy was frantically rubbing where he should not and she was returning the compliment with her hand gripped around his penis, and her forearm fling back and forth like a violinist!!! The woman in front got a very sticky mess flying over her shoulder, as the girl in question screamed filthy language as she was in the throws of what looked like sexual hysteria! When the ladies before them told them to behave, they were told in no uncertain terms to go forth and multiply!! They shouted to the usher to stop the show and throw them out, and I was called. I found the girl in question in a disheveled state pulling her knickers up and the boy fastening his flies! Then one old lady shouted ….”I know here, she lives near me! Its Kate Blushard, she goes to Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls! Some good they are doing, she should be there now I reckon!”Mr Regal boomed, making Miss Kenworthy hold the phone at arms length!

A shocked Miss Kenworthy could hear Kate’s voice telling him to ‘Shut his big gob!’.

“I am getting a taxi, throwing her in it, and sending her back to your school! And I suggest you get a grip on things, and I don’t mean like this little slapper had! You will of course pay for the damn taxi! …Good Day to you Madam.” The phone was slammed down and the secretary ordered to meet the taxi and pay the fare.

Time ticked by, and here she was.

In she walked, the top half of her in blouse and tie, her hair in bunches like a girl in the St.Trinian’s films, and the tightest little black shorts, with white socks and plimsols!


Now let us go back to the start, if you recall Miss Kenworthy was sat looking pensive, and annoyed. You can now see why. She found out via her Form Mistress that Kate had rung in sick that morning. So…..she had lied, played truant, disgraced the uniform and much much more. It was Monday, she decided to punish Kate every day of the week until the weekend. When she would be sent home with a note to her parents, describing what she had been up to, with a strong recommendation of further hard punishments, every day, until she came back to school after a weeks suspension!


Kate of course knew nothing of this when she entered and said ‘hello’.

In the tightest tiniest shorts Miss Kenworthy had ever seen, Kate walked in as beckoned.

“What a complete disgrace you look Kate!” Miss Kenworthy said with all the sweetness of an acid drop.

more to come…


SPANKERS GALLERY ~ No 13 Continuing our Roue Magazine Tribute…

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Domestic Discipline

We don’t need three guesses to work out that this young lady has had her bottom smacked before! All that panic-stricken clutching of trouser legs and contorting of the body, the sheer desperation in her face! Oh yes, she knows she’s going to get it alright — and she knows what she’s going to get! One wonders to what heights of agonised protest she’ll ascend when Daddy gets round to actually planting a few hefty spanks on those cringing buttocks.

When you think about it, the three things you need if you’re going to do a spot of bottom-smacking are: (a) a bottom to smack; (b) a place to do it; and (c) enough ‘clout’, in the metaphorical sense, to get away with it. Thinking about it again, one place you are most likely to find what you need is home — either yours or someone else’s.

Certainly there oughtn’t to be any shortage of bottoms. Your daughter, your step-daughter, the au-pair, the maid (if you have that kind of house), a niece, your wife — houses are full of these, and other potentially smackable bottoms.

A place to do it? Well, isn’t an Englishman’s home his castle, or something? Who’s to know, and what business is it of theirs anyway?

The requisite ‘clout’? Of course. It’s built-in to every domestic situation. Someone’s always the boss — it’s just up to you to see that it’s you who is the boss.

No wonder then that the domestic scene is a perfect setting for the spanking artist’s imagination to run riot and supply him with endless situations in which, all in the cause of maintaining discipline in the home environment, knickers slip inevitably to the floor, pretty bottoms are bared, and the house rings with the squeals of some unfortunate young thing or other as she struggles helplessly over dad’s, step-dad’s, uncles or employer’s knees. Little country cottages don’t have to be content with roses round the door, they can have rosy bottoms inside the door too! Acacia Grove may be suburban obscurity to you and me, but to someone, and it may be your next-door neighbour, it is the Court of Kubla Khan.

Here is a charming little scene depicted, no doubt, in the parlour of Uncle Henry’s house at about half-past four, just after school. Late home, was she? Got a bad report? Who cares — least of all Uncle Henry! Any excuse will do. Just get her over the knees, have those school knickers down — Auntie won’t be home for hours yet.

And isn’t the little cherub delightfully plump in the target area? With a bottom like that, this young lady’s fate has been sealed for a long time — Uncle Henry only had to find the excuse, and now, apparently, he’s got it. And she’s going to get it!

She’s been asking for it, of course. I mean, who in their right mind would go and be a live-in maid in this day and age and not expect a bit of the old upstairs-downstairs — upstairs to her room, and a good smacking in the basement area.

Which leaves us wondering whose that cane-striped bottom might be in the upper left-hand corner. The daughter of the house? The mistress of the house? Either way, there’s no doubt who he is, the one with the pipe. He’s very definitely the master of the house!

This page of drawings is nicely uncomplicated. She’s his daughter — she must be, he hasn’t even treated himself to the pleasure of taking her pants down — and by the look on his face this is meant to be a proper punishment. This young lady will be going to bed with a very sore bottom indeed!

This one is the enigma. She’s a schoolgirl — but is she at school? Well, she’s had eight nice ones with the cane. Would have been six, at school — wouldn’t it? Perhaps it’s nicer to think that this is Miss Truant of the year, and her step-daddy has just found out. She’s had her bottom caned and is going to wriggle all through tea — because of course she won’t be allowed to pull those knickers up — she’ll have to hang them on the hook behind the kitchen door and make quite certain that her stripey bottom comes into full and naked contact with the wickerwork seat of her chair at tea-time, gymslip tucked neatly up into her lap. And after tea — perhaps a nod from step-daddy and little Miss Stripey Bottom will scamper nervously up to her room to wait for — what? Something painful no doubt, and perhaps a trifle embarrassing too. We hope!

more to come…


Charlotte and Samantha Wander around their House, Spanking! – Part 11

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After the masturbation incident, the two girls moved into the lounge. “Well, he came hard didn’t he?” Charlotte said.

“So did we!” Samantha giggled.

“Yes, I suppose we did, and…..AND!!! I think we have both been very naughty, and ought to be spanked….again!” Charlotte giggled back.

“One can never spank or be spanked enough!” Samantha announced with an air of authority. “So yes, who is to be spanked first, me or you?”

“Me, me, me, me me!!!”Charlotte begged.

“You are insatiable!”

“I know I am, Insatiable Charlotte…that’s me!” And she burst into song….one from the ‘Greatest Showman’….”Never enough! never never…NEVER ENOUUUUUGH!!”

Samantha asked if she needed any help to reach the high notes!

“Yes please, its funny when you think of it.”

Samantha smiled. “What is?”

“High notes coming from spanking the bottom!”

“Oh get over my knee!”

“I’d like to get over that Jean Marie’s knee, would you? Those stories she writes for us are hot!”

Samantha scowled…..”Like I told her in the video we sent her….You are mine young lady, and now you have given me a reason to spank you!”

“Oh goodie gum drops!” Charlotte giggled as she clambered over her Mistress’s knee.

Asa’s note…if ever I need a reason to go through my huge pile of files, and see what I have used and not used, this set is it. All these black and white sets are using so many previously unseen photos, and better than that, if I do use an old one, which was previously used, being black and white, they take less memory, so I can use much more background, and crop much less….WordPress only allows me 2mb for images etc you see.

…on with the story, sorry to intrude!

“So, you dare to say to my face that you want to go over another woman’s knee! How dare you. I hope you are watching Jean Marie…see what a naughty girl she is?” Samantha shouts to the air.

“You are a naughty cheeky girl. Now tell Jean Marie what you are at every smack!” Samantha chastised.


“Owwwww! I’m a naughty cheeky girl who needs her bottom spanking Jean Marie!”

“And again!”



“Owwww-wwwww-owww, that was hard Mistress! I am a very naughty girl Jean Marie and need to have my bottom spanked really hard until it is very red!”

And so it went on…..hard smack after hard smack, and each time Charlotte told Jean Marie that she was a naughty girl who needs a spanking!


I am sure you all know Jean Marie and her erotic comments she writes on here, as well as some stories on her contributors page,


More to come, maybe Charlotte ought to spank Samanha next, and make her tell Jean Marie she is a naughty girl too!


Boarding School Punishments (Two) ~ Part Two

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“Lift your gym slips.”

Both girls nervously and embarrassingly did so.

Imagine the feeling if you will. Two mature shapely girls, at that age when they are very conscious of their own bodies, are having to bare their bottoms before an older man, whom they will see every day. Not only feeling embarrassed about it, but they have butterflies in their tummies too, because they know that soon, they are going to feel the pain of a good bare bottom spanking with a plimsol.

I watched them deal with their predicament. Something I have seen many many times, and it never fails to fascinate me.

I admit to a thrill at seeing naughty schoolgirls revealing their navy blue school knickers, suspenders, and stocking tops. But of course, I remain utterly professional.

“Take your knickers down, all the way to your ankles please, and do not step out of them.” I ordered, quietly, but firmly.

I heard two sharp intakes of breath, which again, were very satisfying.

For a few seconds they went still, so I coughed, and the movement began again.

Their thumbs hooked into the waistband of their tight navy blue school knickers.

And slowly they made their way to their destination…

The wiggling and swaying of the next part of the ‘navy blue school knickers journey’, deserves to be studied in its own set, so…

more to come…


Charlotte the Spanking Pet ~ Part 32

To read the rest, you need to go on a little journey! Click on ‘Photo Stories’ , and scroll down to number 87, click on it, and you will find over 20 more stories…..scroll down to number four.



“I am going to put you on the Saint Andrews Cross now.” Samantha announced. “I have a need, so I will masturbate as I thrash your bare bottom with the crop….make it good for me, say the things I like to hear, and squeal too.” She added.

“Of course.” Charlotte agreed eagerly, wanting to please her Mistress, and was soon attached to the cross.


“Owwwwww, oh my God, that’s perfect, you are so good Mistress, another please!”


“Ohhhhhh, oowwwow, ahhhhh, yeowww! Oh yes, yes, more Mistress, more!”

Samantha began to touch and stroke her body, the sound of Charlotte begging for more made her juices run.

“Oh my darling Mistress, stroking my bottom with the crop like that is sooooooo sexy, how do you know exactly what I want….all the time!?” Charlotte purred in her sultry summer rain voice.

“Because I do to you what I would want you to do to me…we are so alike you and I.” Samantha replied.

Then she began rapid fire little cracks of the crop, running up and down the cheeks of Charlotte.

“Ow,ow,ow,ow,ow ooh, oh, oww, ow ow oh !” Charlotte yelped like a little puppy, and Samantha loved the noise. So much so that she lifted her skirt and touched her bare thigh above her hold ups.

The atmosphere almost fizzed and crackled. Both were lost in the lust of spanking.

Samantha drew the crop back behind her shoulder and sent stinging cuts into the soft flesh of Charlottes plump firm buttocks.

Charlotte squealed as long, as aloud, and as shrill as she could.

Samantha slipped her middle finger behind the hem of her knickers and flicked her slit….quickly, her finger tip dancing on her clitty.

The sounds of Charlotte’s scream and Samantha’s orgasmic crying mingled together to make a heady mix of spanking musk, which fell on the pair and everything almost vanished. They were in the throws of a blushing pink cloud of spanking.

Charlotte needed an orgasm so badly, and Samantha knew exactly how.

“Tell me what you need Charlotte.”

“I need a gallop on Neddy Mistress, please take me on one…please.”

As warm as the voice of a Grandma caring for a sick child, Samantha whispered…”Of course, come along my dear.”

more to come


The Incident Log of Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls ~ Incident 4 ~ The Intruder in the Study! ~ Part 5

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…and true to her promise of only seconds earlier, Miss Kenworthy took Kate’s navy blue school knickers down for a bare bottom over the knee spanking in her study!

Kate felt the rush of cool air on her warm bottom, the feeling of exposure was thrilling to her. She thought of the Corporal Punishment Training Video that this real life spanking was to be used in, and pushed her bottom up to meet the oncoming smacks. She was erotically excited at the prospect of people, all over the world seeing her get a spanking.

As the first real smacks landed, she began to kick enthusiastically, and squeal effectively. She and Miss Kenworthy were about to become famous, expecially when she had hacked into the Education Board’s Computer System, to steal a copy for her ‘Only Fans’. Not only famous, but this could make her a pot of money thought Kate!

Miss Kenworthy decided to pull Kate’s knickers down to her knees, experience told her that the video would look much better for it.

Then she took aim again and concentrated on reddening her cheeks!

Then using all her favourite spanking phrases she spanked Kate’s bouncy, firm bottom hard and fast. “Time….smack! Owwwww!…and time….smack OOOOOH! and time again young lady you end up over my knee in my study!”

“You are a naughty SMACK!!!! Naughty! SMACK!!! Naughty schoolgirl! SMACK SMACK SMACK!”

“Owwwww, Owwwwwwww!! OWWWWWWWW!!!”

By the end of the magnificent over the knee bare bottom spanking Kate was out of control, her bottom ablaze, squealing, wriggling, begging for it to stop. Miss kenworthy had put her heart and soul into punishing naughty Kate’s bare bottom. The pain in both Miss Kewnworthy’s palm and the buttocks of Kate were intense, a damn good spanking had been given in the best of English School Traditions….the noise, the kicking and squealing finally subsided. “Now get up you naughty girl! I hope that your spanking has taught you a lesson!”

A blubbering wailing Kate did not know what to do with her blazing cheeks, she could not get up fast enough to escape from the spanking furnace lapping at her cheeks! “Yes yes, yes, it has….oooooh owww, ooooh, I’m sorry I’m sorry!! Waaaaahh waaahhhh, oooow owwwwww!” She howled loudly.

more to come…


Black and White Set 31

Please note, Samantha had just come back from holiday and was quite brown.


I often have the Head Girl witness a spanking, and then stay with her if I have something to attend to. I had just given Charlotte a jolly good spanking for persistent lateness, and had written the details in the Punishment Book.

“I have to go and meet someone over in the East Block Samantha, I will not be too long, but I cannot leave a girl on her own.” I said to her as she nodded understanding.

(Some girls have fainted after a spanking, or gone a little hysterical after a caning, and that is why I have Matron or the head Girl to stay, even both of them, if a stroppy or terrified girl needs holding down.)

Samantha said it was not a problem and smiled at me. Such a delightful girl.

I left her with Charlotte.

I looked over my shoulder at them as I left, it is very reassuring for me to have such a girl to leave in this situation. I often wonder what transpires, maybe they just keep still, perhaps they chat. Who knows?

I close the door, you are to see what happens in my absence.

“That looks very stingy, I am impressed that you only cried the bit you did. Mind you, you did squeal!” Samantha asked quietly.

“Between me and you Samantha, I squealed loudly because I know it satisfies Mr.Jones, he likes to see us hop and jump, with a good squeal! I think if I was defiant or quiet, he would whack me harder. Mind you, those six with the plimsol were not acting, God it stings does that!” Charlotte informed her.

“I bet!” Samantha replied, quite in awe.

They got on well, Samantha as Head Girl was always approachable.

Charlotte was a little worried. “Am I alright turning around to talk? Will you have to tell Mr.Jones I moved?”

“Noooooo!” Laughed Samantha,and she carried on talking. “Not at all, I have had lots of conversations with girls with bright red bums!”

Charlotte giggled. “Yes, it is a bit surreal talking to you with my knickers down and my red bottom on show. I suppose you have never been naughty?”

“Not at school no, not really, but at home I am quite cheeky and ended up with a red bottom like you. I would like to be a teacher, and get to spank naughty bottoms to be honest!” Samantha replied openly and honestly.

It went quiet then, as both were lost in their own thoughts. Charlotte turned to look forward again.

Charlotte always being a bit bold, wiggled her bottom and asked. “Do you like looking at smacked red bottoms, because I quite like you looking….it’s nice.”

Samantha giggled then, and got quite bold herself. “Yes I do, very much.” She began to touch and point, as they talked about the merits of bottoms and how they look after a spanking. “Does it hurt if I touch?”

“A bit yes, but I like it, it sends tingles down to my pussy, do it again!”

Samantha did so and stood up. “No I mustn’t, Mr.Jones might come back!”

Charlotte giggled. “Would you like to come to my house after school, Mummy and Daddy don’t get home until half past six. I would let you spank me over our knee if you promise not to tell anyone! You can be teacher and I will be naughty me!”

Samantha gasped in shock, and whispered back….”Yes please, I would love to!”

“Well we catch the same bus, I’ll see you at the bus stop then.” Charlotte said naughtily.

“Okay.” Samantha said, with a twitching pussy. “Shhhh, I think he is coming.”