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Mike Penny’s Artistic Bottoms

This is a man who I came across when he entered a competition of mine and came third with a beautiful photograph of a girl in a bath…

Beautiful and worthy of winning any competition, but I wanted them in a spanking position. I know this definitely needs a little smack or two, but not quite what I wanted.

As a result, I contacted him and because I had browsed his work, I asked if I could feature it. He said yes. You can find him on Fine Art America.

Here is some of his work…

Thank you for sharing these Mike. You are very talented, and make exquisite images.



I have run eight photographic competitions on FAA before and featured the winners works of spanking art here and there as you know. But now I am up to 29000 followers I think I can attract a wider range of photographers, and feature the winners, such as the 2020 winner Vasarian, and his web page…

Here is a book he has out…

His photo skills are brilliant and like me he writes stories too. So please, as a reward for winning my 2020 competition, pay him a visit, have a look around, let’s send him some of our spanking love.

Here are some samples of his work, spanking and bondage :-


Good aren’t they?



Hawkeye is a dear friend of mine and like his name suggests, he is an excellent scout. By that I mean his Twitter page is a valuable place to visit for the unusual, humerous, or vintage type of spanking photograph. Or indeed any type of work, especially art work.

You can find him on Twitter as @hawkeye0701

He is my Marketing Manager on Twitter, and an excellent job he does too. I just give him the photos or whatever from my site, and trust him to promote it well. Sometimes by getting a huge number of ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’.

Thanks Hawkeye! Good job! You will see down the page that Hawkeye has a job to do. It will be updated weekly. But here is his journa….

HAWKEYE’S Spanking Journal… He is German, and writes excellent English. A few Grammer errors, but it gives a certain added charm to this account of his spanking journal.

Part One

Hallo Asa

Wow, just turned 60 and finally found my dream job. “Marketing Manager at Asa Jone’s – Spanking emporium – And I ask myself over and over again … what lucky coincidence has guided me to achieve this goal.

You must know, I am never punished by my parents (I was just a good kid who got slapped every now and then for overdoing childish activities and “good words” didn’t help). Even when I was in kindergarten, which I spent in a Catholic kindergarten that was still run by nuns in the 1960s, I can’t really remember being chastised by any nun there. As my mother told me, the only intimidation of the nuns was that during our afternoon nap, a nun had to sit down next to my bed with a hand brush or wooden spoon because I would have rather played than slept.

Spanking during my school days: unfortunately nil … the corporal punishment was abolished in Germany in 1951 … and I started school in 1967 … When I think back to my teachers, … one or the other who grew up during the Nazi era has it I’m sure I regretted that the flogging was abolished … and that we were only prosecuted with an entry in the class register or a “blue letter”.

My “enlightenment” on the subject of spanking probably came with a visit to a sex shop, where I held one of the spanking magazines in my hands for the first time and nervously leafed through it … (lol I wasn’t 18 yet). I suppose it was the expressive b / w shots that shaped me, ..young girls in school uniforms, the navy blue panties stretched tightly over their buttocks, and in the background a strict teacher swinging the cane…

With a much deeper voice than normal I bought the first magazine (Janus?) And that was it for me … Of course, at first I was only enthusiastic about the pictures … (yes, your way of thinking goes in the right direction) and then I dealt with the texts … lol of course English …. A great language, if only it weren’t for the grammar and learning the vocabulary … lol but thanks to a Langenscheid dictionary the missing words could be translated.

And so in the course of time a small collection has emerged, which, however, also posed a problem … where to put it in the garbage (a magazine cost the equivalent of 17 euros ~ 35 GBP …)? never in life. So I have it in our basement (I was still living with my parents at the time, training and the armed forces were still pending). And you don’t know how long it will take for the next magazine to appear … Something like silent communication existed between the dealer and me … a shake of the head when entering the shop meant that there was nothing new … or you point your chin in the corner where the magazines were … “There’s something new”

I’ll just cut it short, in the course of time a lot has changed, and access to spanking stories has become easier for us fans thanks to VHS, DVD and, last but not least, the Internet.

At the time, I soaked up the stories like a wet sponge … and suddenly began to criticize …. “I would now have …… instead of the author … I began to take notes and to preserve my ideas.

But there is also the fact that spanking does not have the same status in Germany as it does in England, … no school uniforms, no flogging, etc.

shall i continue ??



The rest of this page is for him to display his ‘PICTURE OF THE WEEK’ from Twitter.

Which will appear here, with a credit to the person responsible, if possible.

PART ONE ~ Hawkeye’s Pictures of the Week


Selfie advanced … An expressive b / w photo … in the past it was enough for us to take a mobile selfie … today, tech. Equipment needed to take good pictures. Expressive, sensual and erotic without appearing vulgar


You can see this and more of the series on my arts pages…Asa

Posted by Juliette Foto from : http: (source corner right below)

No, no, and once again no..
. b / w photos have no bonus with me …. I make decisions on my own gut, sometimes I let myself be guided by the erotic mood of a photo, a situation, a position or a facial expression. Or quite simply, the picture tells a story …. With a little imagination, anyone can write a story … and if it only happens in the mind of the beholder. With this picture I like the mistress / maid scenario, a hand brush spanking in front of gleeful maids as witnesses of the punishment. For me the question arises, why is one of the maids hesitating in front of the door …. is she the next one? … or is she afraid to enter the room?

3….I like b / w photos, and appreciate the artistic effort (double exposure) on this photo. Also that this photo leaves a lot of imagination for the viewer


This was posted on Twitter by
Dark Mystery on Twitter as @DarkMystery

Yet there is so much more to Hawkeye. He is a story writer and script writer, for me and others. He initiated the stories ‘The Masked Marauder’, ‘The April Fool’ and ‘The Hockey Teams New Captain’, for me. Not only that he came to the shoot of the ‘Masked Marauder’ and took some excellent shots, which Hawkeye will show you here, in Part Two.

PART TWO ~ Hawkeye’s Gallery…

Photos taken by Hawkeye, or photos from videos/shoots based on Hawkeye’s original script ideas.

No -1 …he has chosen an idea he wrote for me, that turned into a very popular illustrated story. I remember getting the first mail, and reading through it. In very good English. We went through it together via e-mail changing little bits, improving small areas, and picking character names.

Then I set to work writing it, and sent a copy showing where the photos would go. Once we had agreed I contacted the girls and we shot. I can remember now the delighted e-mails I got when his baby was born!

His idea, turned into life, what a joy for him and me.

Click here to read…

As you can see, Samantha played the girl who had to dress in school uniform at work, be spanked, and then spend the day with her red bottom on show.

The lady in blue is Carole who has played a few parts for me over the years, a very elegant older lady who spanks well, and hard.

Here she is getting into character.

Kare made an appearance too, in her usual graceful quiet spoken way. So here are the team, for this story….


You can find out more about the girls by clicking on my ‘models page’

Thanks for the memories Hawkeye!

No – 2

An Unusual Relationship – Part 7

To read the rest of this account of the loving correctional spankings between a real life Mummy and daughter, click here…


The spanking came slowly to an end, I felt almost invisible still, witnessing something quite sensually magical. What followed took my breath away in its sensitivity and sexiness…

The final smack landed, and Mummy asked her naughty daughter to come close for a cuddle. “Yes please mummy, and, and will you…”

Mummy knew what she needed. “There there, my precious little thing, Mummy loves you, but will always spank your naughty bare bottom when I think you need it.”

“Yes mummy, I need spanking lots…sniff…thank you for being a perfect Mummy Bear.”

Mummy began squeezing her daughters plump soft red cheeks, her finger tips leaving white marks in the fleshy buttocks.

Ohhhhh and then, it happened. Mummy asked, “Do you want comfort?”

It soon became obvious that after a spanking Mummy comforted her daughter by letting her suckle.

Charlotte smiled and nodded. “Yes please mummy, yes please.”

Unusual maybe, but beautiful. It was love personified. Quite exquisite. Here is a Mummy who keeps her daughter in line with spankings, and afterwards explains why, and comforts, in an unusual but very bonding way…

One thing I noticed was that at the end, I could hear a rhythmic sucking, and in time to it Charlotte pulled her cheeks apart with her fingers. I could see she was very moist.


The End


Meet Penelope

I am sure you remember my accounts of how I started my spanking service all those years ago, in a single room rented above a friends gallery. The advert I put out was something akin to…”have you something gnawing away at your conscience, a past misdeed that troubles your soul. Would visiting a disciplinarian for physical punishment help?”

Not long after, my first client came, after many e-mails and coffees that is!

She went away satisfied and recommended me. And so it began, a steady trail of naughty girls to see Strict Uncle Asa, or Mr Jones their teacher or boss. Slowly it grew, I got more and more props, and then moved into my studio.

For years I kept between 15-20 clients, some going, and new ones always replacing them. But slowly I steadied off, to write and photograph, and form my team of girls. Evolving into what you see now.

I still keep a few clients who I think it would be very hard not to have in my life. I know their needs….all of their needs. They see to my need of spanking a real naughty girl for something very bad. Not playing, but real. The ones I keep write to me, telling me things that they should not have done, from masturbating with a cucumber in Tesco Car Park, to stealing stationery, from telling lies, to cheating on partners. I have heard it all, and never betrayed a name or face, unless allowed to. Probably some of their naughty deeds are made up, just to earn a spanking…..but who cares?

I decide on the punishment, I decide when it is done. If they cry, well, they should not have been naughty. I cane them often.

One such girl who has been coming for six years now is Penelope. A very naughty girl with many secrets. She has given me permission to say that she is a professional photographer, of weddings, families, and corporate events.

But she also photographs spankings! She has advised me on a few occasions. She is very good.

She will not show her face, but has agreed to showing her spanked bottom. Here it is…

And here are some examples of her work…

I find it sexy to think of female photographers doing this, maybe an idea for a shoot one day.

I have set her a task, it is to photograph a sequence of a spanking between two women of her choice, that I can make into a story.

The results will appear here…

I will post an alert when it is ready.


Remember the account of Karen’s Real Life Spankings?

I have added some photos to her story today, such as this one…

They are in Karen’s Story Number 1…

Click here…

But as a prelude, you ought to read this…

Click here..

And here is an account of a lovely chat with Karen…

Click here…

Dilan is playing Karen…

Who is @OhdearDilan on Twitter.

And Claudia is playing her Mummy…

Who is @MissIceni on Twitter

Enjoy, Asa

Roy Tersley

Roy is the second of my guests, a man I have known for years, someone I respect and have great admiration for not just , for his work, he also seems a thoroughly decent chap. He can be found on Twitter as @RTersley and has a company making fabulous leather equipment such as tawses 

The tawses I use are purchased from him, I rate them 10/10

He has worked for Janus magazine which in itself is an excellent recommendation and accolade. He also covers nautical events, as a professional photographer in his other world.

To start off, here is a sample of his work…

A girl is doing her homework, and ends up drinking wine and reading a spanking magazine.

Just a little set to get us started. Much more to come.

It’s the placing of the wine glass, and the rose. Artistic isn’t it?


This is the first of my guest spanking photographers.

I am putting the enigma that is ‘Q’ first because of that reason….he or she is a mystery man or woman, like ‘Monseur X’, who you will find in my vintage section, with a long list of other artists, studios, and photographers etc….click here…

…Q said to me, by all means use my work, but my sex, my age and location must be ever kept a secret…

Q’s first story set : –


By now you will know that I live in Derbyshire, a beautiful, typically English, rural county. To the west of my village is the famous rugged ‘Peak District’ to east is the collection of historic houses and their grand estates, called ‘The Dukeries’.

Where I live is an area of beautiful rural countryside, I walk it’s lanes and foot paths often. Here is one of my favourite spots, I have written to you many a time sat on an old toppled oak tree trunk, you can see me if you zoom in…I am stood by it.

The area is full of mystery and intrigue, from stone circles, to legends of witchcraft, and grizzly murders. Yet spiritual, and relaxing. I live very close to this next photo…

If you ever walk through the ancient woodlands near my house and come through the wrought iron gate on the left, you would see a pair of high metal gates. Press the button, say the password…’spanking’ and I will invite you in for tea and scones, with strawberry jam. If you are a young lady I might even spank you, if you were in the mood, and if not if you trespassed!

Relics of the past, like this old cottage, where there is no road…I bet it has only ever seen horses and carts! Is just down the lane from me…

Why am I telling you all this? Because of a bike, and a secret note, coupled with a rather beautiful young lady, with a cheeky, naughty, habit. Namely, riding her bike, taunting me, with her bare bottom!

You see, people in the village, well actually we are a group of six hamlets, know what I do. Some older ladies walk by, not making eye contact. Some of the younger ladies walk by with a cheeky knowing smile. But I should say I am regarded as the slightly odd older man, who paints, deals in antiques, enjoys his trains, and likes to smack young ladies bare bottoms. In other words, I am English!

But the trouble with people knowing is that if someone asks, they say…”Oh him? Yes duck, (we call strangers ‘duck’ around here) he lives up there, look for the big gates.”

So, my secret is out, and it led to this…

I don’t know her name, or where she is from, but the other day my intercom rang, and a young female voice, in excellent English said..”Hello Mr Jones, I love your work, and follow your blog. If you catch me, you can spank me, but you never will, I’ll be too fast for you! I have left you a note, come down and get it…I will wait for you.”

“Oh, how can I resist, I am on my way!” I replied putting my last piece of toast and marmalade in my mouth, and having my last swallow of excellent breakfast tea.”

Good Lord, what a surprise I got. I walked briskly with my stick and there before me was a sweet English rose, on her push bike, in school uniform!

I stood in a daze, she stood looking at me and said…”I knew you would look a bit like David Niven!” Then she walked casually away, her bottom wiggling and wobbling like my old boxer dog’s mouth with a treat!”

I was transfixed, stood in a stupid trance, my mouth open.

It was a week later when I got an invite in my post box to take the lane by our local pub, at noon tomorrow, it had an amusing name for years…’The Slap and Tickle’, but they have modernised it now and given it a new name. I had better not give that, it would be another way for young ladies to find me and tease me. “My word! Let me tell you this, that pert little bottom of hers will get such a spanking when…not if…WHEN…I catch her!”

I parked the car by the church, the old Inn is up a sort of cart track, a cycle track. I walked around the corner, she waved to me, and strutted off, pushing her bicycle! I ran after her, she giggled and rode away. People saw her and now think I am responsible. I suppose I am, but not how they think. I am sure they think it was a photo shoot.

Yes the brazen young girl walked by the public house, and up a path by my friend Ian’s house. His pipe nearly fell from his mouth!

I will keep you posted, but for now, that is all I know of the mystery cyclist!

The game is afoot! The chase is on! Tally Ho! I say!


Hello again. There have been developments….

This girl is getting bolder and her list of crimes gets bigger. The general opinion is that she really is a schoolgirl, from the neighbouring large town. They have a large sixth form college there. The most ‘Well-to-Do’ area borders on lovely countryside and has cycle tracks a plenty.

She has been seen spying on people. She has a blog where she writes about us village folk as if we are simpletons, from a by gone age. She likens herself to the Scarlet Pimpernel! ‘They seek me here, they seek me there, they seek the cyclist everywhere!’

I have looked at the blog and have to admit I have found it humerous and well written. She is obviously clever and articulate.

I left a comment…’The Scarlet Pimpernel eh? Listen young lady! You are now getting more than a little bit of a nuisance. We live in the countryside because we have worked hard and many of us in our twilight years need peace and quiet. We love nature, and have a lovely community. Try this…”The Scarlet Bottom!” Because my dear little spoiled brat, when, not if…but WHEN we find out who you are, we will…spank you here, spank you there, and spank your bare bottom everywhere! Now stop! You have been warned!”

She has left a reply.

Thank you bossy boots! I will not heed your warning, because the elusive cyclist you fear so much is the mistress of disguise and far to quick for wrinkly old fuddy duddys like you, as for my bottom, why not send it some love? So blow it a kiss, as I leave you in my wake Mr Jones, (yes, I know this is you, because you are so obvious….tell me, does everyone know what you do?) ….bye for now xx

Huh! Cheeky mare!

She was spotted, in a bush,watching a couple making love, and has posted a picture of them. They are not residents, just hikers from somewhere. But what if they were having an affair and someone sees them? Or if they are a young married couple with responsible jobs? She has written some very rude stuff about their methods!

My great experience of naughty girls over the years is that naughty school girl pranksters often get too big for their boots! Becoming over confident. Trying to be too clever. She is now waving to people and leaving a calling card!

My friend Ian was out walking the other day, he is a local historian and writes excellent walking pamphlets. He loves birds and does marvellous illustrated talks in our village hall, he has recorded many samples of bird calls and knows most type just by sound. He could hear a strange call and crept down this path, to find her bike up the path and her wiggling her bottom! “Tell Mr Jones you spotted this game bird on your walk!” She shouted.

He admits he found her lovely but he has angina, and says he had to sit down to recover. He watched her run away, After removing her knickers! and knew, that she knows very well, that on the footpaths and byways she uses, people like us will never catch her!

What a naughty girl!

She threw a calling card, which he picked up. Our first real evidence!

“She’s taunting us!” I said to Ian.

“No, I don’t think so, I believe she is taunting you Asa!” He said as he pointed to the blushing pink words….smack smack smack.

Do you know, I believe she is. I have eight of these now. The last was from a formidable woman who says my sordid life has brought this wicked girl to our village. Oh dear, it seems that in the Women’s Institute, and Mothers Union, my name is mud. I came here for solitude, but thanks to this naughty girl, I am being ostracised by the elderly ladies….oh dear.

I will update you again soon


My Guests

NONE OF THIS IS MY WORK… I have met some fabulous spanking photographers, artists, writers etc on my journey. Here is some of their work… Think of this as a spanking photographers etc showcase. If you want yours here, just ask, if I think it good enough, you can have your space.

Each space will grow as they send their work to me. I will set them tasks now and then too. Some of these might be, for example, to take a set for me to make a story or scenario from, these will be numbered to suit this section… I mean story 66a, 66b, 66c etc etc

No – 1 …’Q’

Click here…. THIS HAS STORY 66a

No – 2

Roy Tersley



Click here…


Click here…

No – 3

Next up is a client of mine…


Click here… this will have story 66c ….she is working on it.

No – 4

A dear friend of mine… Hawkeye

Click here…

No – 5

Winner of the 2020 Asa Jones Female Bottom Competition, the exotically named…VASARIAN

Click here…

No – 6

The Artistic Bottoms of Mike Penny…

Click here…

No – 7 …I describe what you will see here as the top of a ‘Red Hot Iceberg’

This photographer came second in my 2020 competition. His second prize is to be featured here, in my blog…

Working under the name Jt PhotoDesign…

Click here to see some great stuff…

No – 8 a good friend of mine,

Peter Birch

…you have seen him in my sets and stories. A producer of spanking books, a scholar and a gentleman, who takes wonderful…make that WONDERFUL spanking photos. Here he is, in his full regalia, spanking Charlotte..

Click here to find out why I am very jealous of him for something…

Which contains a Rosaleen Young section, 66h…

66h-2… Is a set/scenario of a naughty girl guide…

Click here…