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Franz Rehfeld’s Dommes ~ ‘The Berlin Belles’

Every now and then, ….well, maybe more often ::chuckle:: lust gets the better of me. Only when there is a ‘y’ in the day though!

I don’t know much about this photographer other than he worked in Berlin and specialised in the notorious ‘Berlin Dommes’.

Now this is the bit where I get rude…I like to spank and photograph the female bottom. But I also like to see a Domme punish another girl…love it actually. But….lol….get ready! Sometimes, I could watch a Domme get all hot and sweaty after using a sub, then take the Domme, bend her over something, spank her, then fuck her like there is no tomorrow!

I suppose you have gathered by now, especially if this is your first visit, that this is not the most educated well written blog….but it’s sexy! Full of spanking and female masturbation, so go on….like my site! Save me as a favourite and come back often!

So let’s have a look at the Berlin Belles :-

All taken by Franz, good man, glad you took them, thank you! What a record of a bygone age.

This is one I colourised…

Look at the glimpse of stocking top

This pair worked together, love their boots, I would be tempted to shoot them in boots, evening gloves and their crops.

When I started this web site and blog, I never knew it would get so big! No! Not my manhood from looking at so much naughty stuff…the size of my blog. So….it kind of got too big to handle. I have tried to sort it for navigation, so it is better. But other Dommes pop up all over the place!

Off you go then, consider it a quest! Start by finding my spanking time machine…you’ll find some there.

Bye, see you soon, I hope.

Photographer ~ Eugine Reunier

I first came across this man as an illustrator…

It was unusual, and intruiged me. I found some more…

The last illustration I found quite fascinating. I then found out he was a photographer, and soon found this…

Which I found lovely, maybe the rope? I am not sure what made it appeal to me so much. Anyway, I ended up colourising it…

Here are a few more of his photographs…

Loïc Dubigeon 1934 – 2001

How could I possibly do a blog on spanking and talk about the vintage artists like Herric, Malteste and Wighead etc, without including this man.

Sadly, he left us not that many years ago, but he needs to be remembered with the very best!

In my humble opinion, an artistic genius. (I feel a genius today by the way! Because I managed to do an ï and not an i in his name!)

… And didn’t he look the part …

Oooh I could sit for hours and watch him draw, with a few glances at the models of course!

My favourite piece has to be this one…

Almost photographic in quality isn’t it? Absolutely fabulous!

Closely followed by this one, the detail is nothing short of miraculous isn’t it?…

There are many sites with much better accounts of him than mine, just google him for an hours entertainment. Here are some more. If I have introduced you to him, I am so pleased. Your life will be forever enhanced.

So off you go, enjoy your search! Bye…

More Grundworth

My section about Grunworth was getting to big on that page, see here… and he is more than worthy of his own page anyway. If he is one man, that is. Some say he was a collection of photographers working for a studio. Like Ostra. Photographers who did it in secret.

Nothing is known of him, except he was wonderful, and concentrated mainly on bottoms, sprinkled with a bit of lesbian lust! And used the same models as Albert Wyndham, he was a man out of my own heart!

Hang on to your hats…or cock! Depending why you are here! Here we go…

He did not do many spanking, but I found a couple…

The others come pretty much as I found them…


Vintage Porn ~ Part Two

You will find the first lot of vintage porn in this section…

The trouble with my original sections is that they all got to big, and you had to scroll down too far, people got fed up!

So any new, I will add here…enjoy!

Like most of my stuff, it is predominantly ff

65 photos

She’s a saucy young madam! Needs a spanking!
I have an antique wooden dildo and have seen girls use it…very sexy! Especially when dressed in Victorian outfits with bloomers
I love to see vintage girls fingering each other
Pass me a birch….quick!’
Bedpost fucking…always loved it. Imagine all these lusty girls in service, satisfying themselves in candle light
If ever a face has said ….”ohhhhh yeah!” …hers is!
Love it! Go for it….fast, deep and furious!

Love it when a girl looks too innocent for hat she is doing.
Now be honest, you did not expect her to do this did you?
I wonder what they are saying? “Oh no, you can trust him, nobody will ever see these, so open your legs and show what you have got.”
Top half innocent!
…but the bottom half tells another story…oh you naughty girl!
Now let’s compare this girl to the one above!
…naughty from top to bottom, and loving it!
Both have just fingered the other to orgasm
Nice bush! I can just imagine it crinkling against my nose as I lick!

Vintage Smoking

I have always liked the old black and white or sepia photos of a sexy girl smoking, even the curly little smoke trails seem to tickle a fancy of mine!

As you know by now, 90% of my blog and site is spanking, and one of the earliest vintage forays was through the work of the Ostra Studio.

I have grown rather fond of Olga, one of their top models and her near perfect bottom for spanking. What I like about this section…..(on my site it will be a sub section …part 2 of “odds ‘n sods and quirky” which in itself is a sub section of another vintage section, called Vintage Stock Pile!…did you follow that? …lol…probably not!) ….is that a great many of the photos are from the OSTRA STUDIO.

To finish off, we have to have some spanking don’t we?! Imagine you are a 1920’s film star, a silver screen idol, living in a country mansion. Go on! Indulge yourself, let your mind go wild with exotic fantasy….get dressed to kill!

Very elegant you look too! ….My word, you scrub up well!

After a hard day at the studio you come back to find your maid, a little tipsy, and smoking your expensive golden tipped Turkish cigarettes!

“Get up you naughty girl! Bend over the back of that chair!” You say as you snatch the feather duster from her.

With straight legs she bends, and presents her bottom well. You pull her frilly knickers down to her knees, turn the feather duster around, and using its cane handle you stripe her bottom well!

Hope you enjoyed these….Asa.

Spanking Art by Various Artists

That section getting a little large, so to save you scrolling down through all the various sections included in it, and for any more artists I find, I will put here… I got up to artist 20 in that section, they continue here.

No – 21 Martin Van Maële, click here…


Here is one of his works, many more on the link above, some in colour.

No – 22 …Dagy.

Click here…

Here is an example of Dagy’s work. What a fabulous spanking experience this would be! Outdoors on a lovely Summer’s day, group spanking…imagine the sounds!

No – 24 Roger Benson

How intruiging!

Click here…

No – 25 a little strange this one! Hans Bellmer

No – 26 Franz von Bayros (warning, this contains some mild bestiality as well as spanking)

Wouldn’t this look fab in a horror film.

Click here…

Click here…


So many of these artists have inspired me, and as a thank you to them, or their memories ray if no longer with us, I have made this sub section…


Click here…

And….80 photos in this section showing work from various unidentified artists, so far…

Just a few lines, but
very effective!

Wouldn’t this fit well into Damien Black’s the ‘Sinclair Method’. If you do not know it or him, Google ‘A Voice in the Corner’….

I promised to take photos for that story with my girls, but never seem to get around to it. But will do, one day.

I know this is not spanking, but there is something so alluring about the glimpse of bottom! “Pick me that Ruby up out of the treasure chest please.”


SMACK! …I would now, either be walking the plank, or getting ready to say hello to Jaws, or with luck, embarking on a lovely adventure on the ‘Seven Seas of Spanking’ with a Pirate Princess!

This sexy naughty little section is not spanking, but I wanted to add…

A maid and a servant masturbating behind a screen as they watch Master and Mistress have sex…
She is talking to Mummy, showing her bottom as he masturbates behind his hat!
Smiling over the piano at a New Years Eve Party, nobody knows she is being licked out!
Mistress and maid on the stairs at night.
Oh God yes! Let’s put them on and fuck each other in both holes!

Ian Hamilton

I have seen some art popping up now and then and wondered who it was. After a little searching I found him, his web site/blog is

He produces regular stories, like me with my girls, he does his with art. Some wonderful stuff. I am in discussions about a picture or two, so, you now know he does commissions…

But be prepared to wait, he is popular and busy.

This one reminds me of Gulle

This is Little Bo Peep
Who lost her sheep
And didn’t know where to find them
She got six on the bare
Because she did not care

…but next time I bet she minds ’em!

Here are some more…

And one for you naughty boys!

Bits ‘n Bobs, Odds ‘n Sods, and some a bit Quirky – Part 2, …INCLUDING ‘Glorious Bottoms Parts 1 and 2

Once a section gets up to around 200 photos, it can make updating it a bit slow and laborious, so here is part two. Just in case you found this first, here is part one…

Slowly I am adding a few words to some photos, like this for example…

Thank you for attending gentlemen, let this photograph show the good ladies of Bristol what I will do with their wayward daughters if they enrol at my ‘School of Correction’

Can’t be sure, and it is my own fault for not being organised and keeping all my notes in good order. But when I found this, it said in the note that Mrs Walters, the professional Bircher of naughty bottoms in Bristol, (I have written of her at length) used to allow photographers in to record some of her punishments, and this was one. I have started an illustrated story all about her, it won’t be coming soon…I have a lot of other stuff to finish first. But here it is…

Click here…

Some bottoms for you! Click here for ‘Glorious Bottoms Pt 1’

And here for ‘Glorious Bottoms Pt 2’

And to carry on with this section,

This is from Jim Duvall Photography. His version of ‘Newtons Cradle’

When you sign up for lessons with me darling, you accept my ideas of discipline. Now let’s go for a steady walk to the stable yard, gather the other girls, and give this crop a workout!
“You what? I haven’t put my…..ooooh! You are teasing me!”
This surely has to be Joan Rydell lifting her dress, so it must be an Irving Klaw event…..maybe a Christmas party!?
Right then gentlemen, the ticket you draw from this bag says what implement you use, the ticket from this bag, the girl! Get to the start line, and get ready for the starting smack! Good luck, may the reddest bottom win!
“Oh Daddy, not here in the park, we are sorry for being naughty, but no, please, not a naked spanking before everyone…please!”
Pick me Mr.Jones! Pick me! My bottom next, no mine!
“Shhhh be patient! You’ll all get a spanking don’t worry!”
Okay, no police. But car theft and joy riding is a serious crime. Now turn around and bend over! I am giving you all a good spanking! And if you want your clothes back, you will take what I give, no matter how hard and long!
You have been asking for a sleep over all summer long, and when you do I catch you all baring your bottoms to the boys outside! Well, I am leaving the window wide open, they can listen to your spankings! Then you can line up and show them your bottoms again…bright red!
I told you at the interview, mess up an order and you get a bare bottom spanking!
Right, the first one to get their light bulb in and lit, spanks the other one on the bare, bent over, right here!
The Moulin Rouge knicker inspector is a very much sought after position.
If I dress up as a school girl will you spank me on my bare bottom like my mummy used to do?
Its okay, mummy only told us not to end up working in a red light district.
“Oh fuck! The banana has gone right in!”
There is no pound coin on the floor really is there Mr.Jones?
Yes of course I mean it, ten each as hard as you can!
Having risen to a dare, this girl did her cheerleading display with no knickers on, and ended up getting a bare bottom spanking before the audience!

This is a lovely office discipline set, I always like it when one girl who is giggling at another’s plight, gets spanked or caned herself…

And here is another set…

Believe it or not I found this photo in an article on corporal punishment but the copy of the wring was so poor I just couldn’t make it out! How annoying, I wonder what the story was…

Let’s just imagine it was a mass naked spanking of naughty girls!

Smile! You’ve been framed!

She is writing a song about spanking, similar to the other 1920’s hit… ‘The Black Bottom’ but this one is the ‘Red Bottom’
Not spanking I know, but they are drunk, and in those days you had to be 21 to drink…these are barely 17, so they ought to be!
Cute isn’t it?
Yes I would be tempted to take a pair of schoolgirl knickers from a boarding school laundry washing line to wank into!
I suppose some girls might wet their knickers when caned.
imagine a few drips landing on these!

Do you like to see vintage girls smoking, well, if you do here are 50 of them, some from Ostra, including two of my favourite Ostra girl…Olga!

Click here…

Vintage Fetish and B.D.S.M. Part Two

Part One … getting a bit big, and subsequently would have become slow, so it continues…

50 photos so far…

Their is a tap on the door, I shout…”can you come back in half an hour? Charlotte is tied up just now!”
She comes back and Knicks again…’is she still tied up?’
His shop.

There is something about evening gloves for spanking isn’t there?

This could be quite modern judging by the mask, but it was identified as in the 1960’s

SUB SECTION… (or should it be a sub section, with a small ‘s’ because one should always write Domme and sub.)

Here are a few MODERN CLASSIC B.D.S.M…..not too many, I like to keep the vintage/retro feel when I can.

If you read my Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls….these classics are a clue to the ending!