My Girls as Cow Girls!

I rather like cow girls, probably from when I saw John Wayne spank one in a film once, as a young lad….lol

I have to confess that in naughty moments alone I often dream of my girls in various outfits, and situations, cow girls being a common theme.

I have more photos hidden away, and will add to this set as time goes by.

Maybe one day, at my little theatre, we can have saloon girls too, smoking, and doing the can can! Must have garters with a little gun tucked in…and fish nets!

First, let’s start with the delectable Samantha…


12 of the best reward

For stealing Maltesers from my studio two at a time!

What do you call those things outside a saloon where you tie a horse? Can you imagine her in a dusty cow boy town, jeans and knickers down, ready for a ‘whuppin’ tied to one?
Now do you see where my mind goes? Saloon girls would be on the balcony above cheering, jeering, giggling and applauding!

“C’mon y’all! Ya crazy fools! What ya waitin for? Come on down to the Red Butt Saloon to see me ‘n my girls a dancin’. If any make a mistake I’ll whupp their sorry bare ass on the stage for ya all ta see!!”