Saint Helena Adult Schoolgirls – Part Two

Might be a good idea to read part one first…so click here :-

Miss Kenworthy stood, looking threatening and austere when the girl could see her, but with a sexy smile and great expectation when she could not.

Imagine the situation…backed by the law of my fictitious land, Miss Kenworthy has all the backing of her superiors, and a signed paper by the newly arrived criminal, allowing any style of corporal punishment she sees fit, with no limits, at any time.

And the woman, slowly being transformed into a schoolgirl, not sure, but almost certain that her first taste of Miss Kenworthy’s wrath on her bottom is only minutes away.

Under her gaze, she continues to strip…

“Stand there, hands by your sides, chin up, chest out, stop slouching!”

Karen stands to attention.

“Now put your new school uniform on young lady.”

‘Young Lady !?” Thinks Karen, but bites her lip…

To be continued…