The Spanking Treddle

This was actually another commission, this time for ‘The Spanking Theatre’. It provided me with an unusual way of spanking Charlotte’s bottom.

I have seen the drawings of the old treddles where poor prisoners of the past were made to straddle with weights on their legs and always found them cruel and scary. Then I came across similar devices for spanking, and eventually this request gave me a chance to experiment.

Obviously, as you are well aware, the safety and happiness of my girls is always topmost in my mind, and I’d ask nothing too scary of them. But this appealed to us, it was erotic in its promise.

We came up with this, which with careful photography could look effective…

Tentatively Charlotte climbed up, first on to the stool…

To stop the edges/corners of the wood digging into her groin and pussy, I made a little saddle, of sorts. Hopefully, when she was on it, it would feel okay. It was more than okay it seems, and put pressure in just the right spot! Let’s just say she galloped to the end of her spanking quite enthusiastically!