What Spanking Means to Me – by Asa Jones

What a subject to tackle, how long would someone read it? I think it best not to ramble in this one, so…

In my early years it was all about watching. I have no idea when I became so endeared to the female bottom, but it must have been very early, and spanking soon followed. The chance to see a bare female bottom. From the films and the number of spankings I saw for real, soon helped it all become a major part of me, and my psyche. By the age of my first masturbations it was my favourite fantasy to close my eyes to.

I have already told you of my young schoolgirl girlfriend and my first experiences. I have told you of my journey through my spanking services to needy naughty young women, to where I am now, with my own studio and various other spanking places, and most of all, my girls. My three beautiful friends who love spanking, each blessed with God’s finest creation…a very spankable bottom. How many spankings have I given?……Hmmm…definitely in the high hundreds, and if someone told me it had passed a thousand, it would not surprise me.

What I do know is, I want to do it more. My love of the female bottom, and smacking it, knows no boundary. It stretches off in every possible direction to infinity. I could wax lyrical about all my plans, which alas will never be completed. What I do want to say is…why?

The bottom, it has to start with the bottom.

Especially a freshly spanked one like Kate’s here. Aren’t they fucking beautiful? Not just to look at, or smack, but to feel.


There is something about meeting a woman fully dressed and looking pretty, and knowing that very soon you are going to spank her. As a gentleman I show her through the door first, politely, holding it open. Which in part is true, but also, it gives a chance to stare, and appraise.

This could be any situation, a head teacher watching a naughty girl walk by him to the centre of the room. A client coming for a spanking. A model coming for a spanking shoot. Wether in a skirt, a suit, a uniform or jeans, that first glance, knowing what is to happen, is fantastic.

Talking about it, and why they need one, comes next.

Over the years I have spent hours and hours talking to a pretty face about spanking. A client telling me how they bullied someone, or just that they have a need to feel pain in their bottom. Or telling my girls and the many other willing girls on the journey, what is going to happen.

The decision.

To see a girl, (wether in school uniform, or like one lady who visits me in a bright red business suit, or anything between), accept what is to happen and agree, is fantastic. The look down maybe. The blush. The biting of the lip. The tremble. The gasp…basically, the reaction.

Like Samantha here, she has just spoken to Charlotte, telling her why and what. And Charlotte has accepted.

The roles are confirmed, one is to punish, the other to be punished.

For me, in the first category, seeing a girl in that situation, is so, sooo, sooooo sexy.


To see a girl bare her bottom or bare it for her and put her in position.

Samantha demonstrates again, no matter what the position, no matter where, it is like settling into a plush seat in a theatre, and watching the curtains open.

God yes! The baring of the bottom……mmmmmmm!

The first smack from cold, no matter what with, either hand or implement.

Over my knee, bent over a desk, bent over as they stand… Any position at all, it does not matter.

Those first smacks. Seeing the bottom bounce, listening to the squeals, watching the movements and….and…

The marks!

Claudia here is experiencing it as Charlotte feels the first smacks!

The zone!

Fuck me! When in the zone, with the girl gripped or restrained, or keeping her position. Nothing is finer!

Whack, whack, whack, whack….and on and on!

The wriggling, the begging, the screams and squeals!

The world fades.

You both go on a journey of pleasure and inflicted pain, or pleasure and inflicting pain.

Something tells you, breathless and satisfied. It is time to stop.

You look at your work…

The intensity does not matter, I have caned to blood, and spanked to pale blushing pink, and everything in between.

It is over, the reasons, whys, and wherefore are done.

Satisfaction is reached. Chastisements are over.

Corner time.

Time for the sore bottomed girl like Stephanie here, to reflect, and for me to relax and drink it in.

Then for me, after the girls have gone, I masturbate…re-living every second.

And there you have it…my reasons for loving it!