Stephanie Arrives

A friend of Charlotte’s, Stephanie, came to her first shoot.

Another girl from the quaint old market town we live in, here in the U.K.

How fortunate we are, five of us, six counting Charlotte’s mother who spanks her often as you know. All within 15 minutes drive of each other.

Stephanie, like my other girls has a great love of spanking, and everything that goes with it.

She came to join Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls, but Samantha who usually does the school’s canings was poorly, so I stepped in.

Here she is in her uniform… (With Kate and Charlotte looking eagerly on. They had told her of the canings and she was very eager to take one and show how good she was to the other girls. So they whispered to me, ‘Don’t hold back, give it her really hard from cold, by all accounts, she is amazing!)

I know you will be eager to see her bottom, here it is, quite nervous, showing itself to me for the first time.

We had a good chat, about limits. She replied cheekily, “What limits? Give me what you have got Mr Jones.”

So I did. Six of the finest, from cold in quick succession. I could not photo as I did them, but here she is, over the vaulting horse, being restrained by Charlotte and Kate, soon after the sixth.

She howled the place down. But did very well indeed, a great new asset to my team.

As you can see by the stripes on Charlotte and Kate’s bottoms, I gave all three six each.

I then put them in corner time together.

We spent the day shooting for stories and spanking, the results you will see in due course.