William ~ Part Four

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Charlotte relaxed, like all of us after an orgasm, a wave of relaxation washed over her body, inside and out. But it all depends on the situation does it not…you can either relax and give in, or, if the situation demands another orgasm, you are not able to resist. Almost immediately Charlotte’s pussy lips were moist, her arousal grew again as she led him just a few yards away. Her moist lips made her feel like she glided across the floor, her slippery lips making her walk effortless.

Her whole movement was different, she almost thrust her pussy against some magnificent, invisible, intricate pussy excitement device, at every step.

She positioned him, before the window. They could see people, just two levels below them.

She looked at me, flexing the riding crop she had picked up. At every bend of it, she squeezed her thighs together, pulsing sensually and erotically….

…slowly she moved over to his left.

She began to crop him, quite visciously. I was fascinated by her bottom and pussy shape in her jodhpurs. Still thrusting at every stroke, as she whacked his bottom…

The riding crop wrapped right around his bottom making him squeal like a girl, which only sufficed to urge her on!

What a wonderful sight Charlotte makes, but for my tastes, she looks better over my knee.

I still believe she had a clitoral stimulator between her legs, but never aske!

More to come…