Chapter 12 – Charlotte Accepts an offer, and visits the The Padded Green Spanking Bench

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Chapter 12: Charlotte and the padded green spanking bench

After Charlotte had taken her caning so willingly and well, Miss Kenworthy after months of testing and deliberation decided that Charlotte would make a wonderful addition to her household, alongside her other existing submissive girl, Kate. She asked Charlotte if she would like to come to live with her and Charlotte enthusiastically agreed to do so….

”Yes please! I really cannot think of anything I would love more, Mistress than to live with you! How absolutely wonderful.”

Miss Kenworthy was also overjoyed at the prospect, but gave Charlotte a stern warning,

“Whilst you are under my roof young lady, you will need to obey various rules which I will outline to you shortly. If you fail to obey these rules, I reserve the right to punish you in any way I see fit, and that includes spanking and caning you! Do I make myself clear?”

“Oh yes, Mistress! That is perfectly clear,” responded Charlotte, relishing the idea that she would continue to receive corporal punishment from the hand of her mistress. Life was just perfect!

And so on the day after her caning, Charlotte moved into Miss Kenworthy’s house. From now on she always referred to her as ‘Mistress’, a more appropriate name under the circumstances than ‘Miss Kenworthy’. As a true submissive, Charlotte loved the idea of being under the control of this kind, but dominant lady.

On arrival at her Mistress’s house in the grounds of St.Helena’s, Miss Kenworthy’s led her into her snug little sitting room. It was simply furnished with some elegant armchairs and a settee. A brass standard lamp stood by a small side table upon which lay a large wooden hairbrush. In the centre of the room, standing on a green and white patterned rug, was a low dark green padded stool, a bit like an ottoman.

Charlotte looked around, liking the general ambiance of her mistress’s room and told her what a lovely room she thought it was.

Miss Kenworthy smiled, “Thank you Charlotte, I’m glad you like it. I prefer to keep my sitting room clear of clutter. It helps me to relax. I’ll show you the rest of the house later, but for now I propose to give you a ‘warm welcome’ here in the sitting room……What I would really like to do now Charlotte is to spank that pretty little bottom of yours again!”

Whilst Charlotte wasn’t averse to being spanked, she was a little taken aback at the sudden reappearance of her Mistress’ dominant streak so soon after her arrival. However, she didn’t want to appear ungrateful towards her generosity of having her to stay in her house, so she agreed. After all, she really did enjoy being spanked by her!

“If that is what you wish, Mistress, then I shall of course obey. Where would you like me?” said Charlotte, beginning to feel stirrings of excitement between her legs.

“I think we’ll start with you kneeling on this padded seat. I call it my ‘spanking bench’. Slide down your knickers and kneel down with your bottom high in the air.”

Whilst Charlotte got herself into position, Miss Kenworthy fetched the wooden hairbrush from the side table, tapping it against her hand. On returning, she glanced down at Charlotte’s prone form. She noticed, with some satisfaction, that the cane stripes she had imparted yesterday across her bottom were still in evidence. This was hardly surprising given the severity of the caning that she had given her.

Miss Kenworthy then knelt on the spanking bench beside Charlotte and placed a steadying hand on the girl’s back.

“Are you ready, young lady? I’m going to spank your bottom with my hairbrush. It will sting, but it won’t cause you any bruising as it is fairly lightweight. It belonged to my mother who used it a lot on me when I was a young girl, so I know what it feels like!”

So saying, Miss Kenworthy commenced smack it down briskly across Charlotte’s proffered bottom….

Whack! Whack!…
Whack! Whack! …
Whack! Whack!…
Whack! Whack!

Whilst Miss Kenworthy wasn’t exactly using maximum force, as the spanking continued, Charlotte started to feel the burning sting slowly growing with each succeeding duo of smacks. She started to yelp and found it increasingly difficult to remain still, wriggle her bottom more and more.

“This won’t do at all Charlotte,” said Miss Kenworthy. “You’ll have to go across my knee as you don’t seem able to hold your position kneeling on the bench. Come on, young lady, get up and lie across my lap. I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Charlotte lay herself over her Mistress’s soft and inviting lap feeling very happy and content to be in such close contact with her.

The hairbrushing recommenced, with the smacks steadily increasing in intensity. The heat built up in Charlotte’s bottom and started to seep through her body, raising her level of arousement to fever pitch….




Oooh! Eeeeh!


“Oooh! Eeeeeh! Thank you, Mistress”


“ Oooh! I’ve been such a naughty girl. Please spank me harder, Mistress!”


And so the spanking continued, until both of their respective needs were finally satiated.

Charlotte. You may now get off my knee. I think that will do for the present.”

Charlotte lifted herself up, her bottom positively ‘sizzling’ and glowing from the hairbrush’s visitations!

After they had a cup of tea and just sat gazing fondly at each other in companionable silence for a while.

Finally, returning from her reveries, Miss Kenworthy stood up saying, ”Right Charlotte, if you are up for it, I’m now going to show you around the rest of the house. I think I’ll take you first into one of my special chambers!”

”Thank you, Mistress. Yes, I’d be honoured.”

“Good! Now follow me, but pull your knickers back down. I have some more ‘treats’ to come for that bottom of yours.”

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