The Dragon Tail Tawse

Chapter 13: Charlotte meets the dragon tail tawse

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Miss Kenworthy led Charlotte into another adjoining room. It was similar in size to her lounge, but it was very different in appearance. The walls were painted in a muted green colour on which hung a variety of tasteful paintings of female nudes in various poses, adding a sensual feel to the room. Hanging down from the ceiling was a horizontal bar with a short length of rope attached to each end. On the floor beneath this lay a long leather strap. It was a bit like a tawse, but longer and had a split head which resembled a spear head, giving it the appearance of a dragon tail…

Miss Kenworthy led Charlotte over to the wall beneath the bar and instructed her to raise her arms above her head. She then proceeded to tie Charlotte’s wrists to the bar.

She then made sure her bottom was nice and bare, so she could present it well.

Once she was satisfied with Charlotte’s position, she picked up the tawse and spoke to Charlotte…”This my dear is a Devil’s Tawse. Have a good look at this. It’s a real ‘beast’! When I use it on you, it will wrap itself around your bottom and leave its telltale dragon imprint!”

Charlotte looked over her shoulder wide-eyed and feeling somewhat apprehensive. She had never seen such an implement before. How much was it going to sting?

She didn’t have long to wait. Miss Kenworthy was eager to get started. She stood with her legs slightly parted on Charlotte’s right side, raised the tawse in her right hand and held the end with her left hand.

“I’m really going to make you dance with this, my pretty little princess! Stick out your bottom ready to receive the Dragon’s firey attention!”

So saying the strap sped through the air and landed across Charlotte’s bottom with a loud THWAAAACK! Charlotte shrieked out with the pain and kicked out her leg in a vain attempt to assuage the burning sting.

“That’s right, my lovely, dance for me….DANCE!”




And dance she did, whilst squealing a merry tune to the roof tops!

Just look at Charlotte, pushing her bottom up to meet her bottom’s tormentor, wanting more…and more! Look at Miss Kenworthy…totally in the zone, excited, hungry…whacking and whacking the bare willing bottom offering itself to her.

“Yes Charlotte. That’s it…dance, whack! Dance!! THWACK!! DANCE FOR ME!”

Listening and watching the kiss and lick of leather on soft ripe bottoms is the best thing in the world!

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