Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls (Charlotte’s Story) – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Charlotte rides the rocking horse

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After the tawsing, Miss Kenworthy untied Charlotte and led her to a small horse.

“Sit on the saddle my dear, you are going to gallop for me. Your destination is before you, the Saint Andrew’s Cross. Mount the saddle and sit astride it. Push your bottom up and out, overhanging the back… make it proud for me.”

“Oh, I would love to Mistress Kenworthy,” replied Charlotte, her voice sounding full of lust.

Miss Kenworthy smiled in satisfaction at her new title. She rather liked it. She picked up a very whippy riding crop.

She whacked Charlotte’s plump willing bottom hard and fast…”come on my little pet, gallop for me!”

And…ohhh….she did! The saddle rubbed on her clit as she pushed down. The shock waves from the crop sent whirls of delight, in a spiral of pleasure, up and down her dripping cunt. Her bottom was ablaze with pain as the little riding whip cracked across it.


“Ohhh fuck, yes, yes, yes, fuck fuck. Yes, yes! Make me gallop. Oh yes… YES!”

Miss Kenworthy’s own pussy was delighting in its own spurts of sensual joy as she fiddled her fingertips against her mound, watching the crop bounce off the rippling buttock, listening to the sounds of cracks and the noise of Charlotte’s orgasm ripping through her galloping body!

As Charlotte’s orgasm hit hard, Miss Kenworthy gave her bottom a quick burst of whacks, like machine gun fire! Charlotte howled!


And slumped…

…with her bottom getting a few ‘slowing down’ whacks from the crop.

“Right, young lady, let’s get you tied up to the cross now, my pussy is crying out to cum too

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