Miss Kenworthy puts Charlotte on the St.Andrew’s Cross – Chapter Fifteen.

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Chapter 15: Charlotte is secured onto the St.Andrew’s Cross

Having watched Charlotte orgasm on her little spanking rocking horse, Miss Kenworthy desperately needed to cum herself. She led Charlotte over to the cross. Her pussy was very moist, and inside her whole body felt extremely excited. Watching a bottom react to her crop, seeing a submissive react to her voice, listening to the crack of crop on skin, and the little piercing screams that followed, had ticked every erotic box in her sensory list.

Slowly Miss Kenworthy’s moved her hand sensually on herself as Charlotte pushed her bottom up and out willingly, to please and excite her Mistress.

Miss Kenworthy knew exactly what Charlotte was doing. Watching her standing on her tiptoes was thrilling. The curves of her bottom viewed from above were incredibly sexy. However, best of all, was resting her free hand on Charlotte as she whipped her, She could feel Charlotte’s body react to the shock waves from the riding crop travelling through Charlotte’s bottom and up to her own finger tips.

When she moved her hand back to her own body, it was as if the trembling, sensual, vibrations were transferred with it.

Slowly her free hand made its way to her slippery slit, she felt her pussy juices running. The first step was her own thigh.

As she put her hand gently on her thigh, her senses were not focussed on her hand, she could hardly feel her soft well shape thigh. But her well shaped thigh could certainly feel her hand, especially as it moved up.

Her fingertips played with her erect little clit, which she could easily be felt through the thin material of her now dripping wet knickers.

The continued whipping of Charlotte’s bottom, coupled with her fingertips jiggling on her clitty produced what was like an electric shock, running in spirals up and down her wet slippery slit.

Something quite magical then happened. The only thing connecting the two were united minds and the crop held against Charlotte’s bottom. Miss Kenworthy came very hard, almost frighteningly so, like a seizure of pleasure. The vibrations of her orgasm juddered down the crop, and Charlotte felt them. They travelled through the soft flesh of her ripe, plump rump into her own wet pussy.

Pussy? It doesn’t really sound decadent enough at this moment….

Two delicious wet cunts, pulsating in unison as each pumped lubricant and orgasmed through the highly stimulating effects of spanking, domination and submission. The peak of their orgasms was colossal….both not moving other than convulsions running from body to body, back and forth conducted through the riding crop.

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