Robyn’s Longer Works…

This is something I will use in the future, but I needed to make the page now, to insert into Robyn’s page, which you can find by clicking on the Contributors’ button in the menu above.

For a while there will be nothing here! That’s not very exciting for you is it?

So to fill a space, let’s have a chat with Charlotte…

“Hello Charlotte, you look naughty! Have you come to school with no knickers on again? Bending over for things, or stretching for things hmmm? So everyone can see your bottom and pussy?”

“Maybe!” She giggles.

“The girls say that you masturbate in class, is that right?”

“It might be. That’s for me to know and you to find out!” She chuckles delightfully.

“Is it true that you get into trouble on purpose to get your bare bottom punished? And no secretive answers this time…..yes or no?”

“Mmmmmmmmm…….ooooohhhhhh, now let me think. Erm….YES!” She blushes!


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